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Panel Debates 2020

2020 sees the launch of our panel debates where you will hear the experts discuss some of the hottest topics within the industry. Either submit your burning questions prior to the show, or ask them on the day as part of the live audience, to get all the answers you’ve ever wanted to hear on the current industry issues.

    • Wednesday

      12:00 Competing Against the Giants

      Discover the tips and tricks from your competitors by listening to our industry experts who know first hand about keeping up with their competitors.

      13:00 Alternative Accommodation

      Setting yourself apart from the competition can be difficult, however we have all you need to know about standing out. We have all heard about Airbnb, glamping, eco builds etc...why not implement these into your holiday parks?

      14:00 How can your Holiday Park be more sustainable?

      Sustainability is the hottest, most spoken about consumer trend right now, find out everything you need to know to make your holiday park more sustainable.

      15:00 Solutions for the Winter

      When we think of Holiday Parks we associate it with sunny beachside weekend breaks, but this limits the time of year that holiday parks are in demand. So how can you change that? We have everything you need to transform your holiday park to a jam packed winter getaway from cinemas, indoor mini golf and much more!