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Rhodri John: Speaking at the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show

Rhodri John

Camping Connect

Providing excellent WiFi to help build memorable guest experiences.

WiFi has become an essential utility which is demanded by the majority of guests in both short and long term stays across all accommodation types.

Planning WiFi the right way will avoid the need for frequent maintenance and repairs, and also removes the need for upgraded equipment every couple of years.

Find out how why it’s important to plan to install your WiFi offering at the same time as other utilities to avoid situations where WiFi provision becomes expensive, complicated and patchy at best. Unreliable WiFi leads to frustrated and disappointed guests which in turn leads to poor reviews.

We’ll explain what you should consider and account for on-site at the design stage, how you can avoid expensive mistakes and eliminate the risk of providing a poor guest WiFi experience. Come along and join the conversation on how you can deliver the type of service your customers expect and ensure your guests have an awesome WiFi experience.

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