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Peter Wells: Speaking at the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show

Peter Wells

Business Manager  -  Honeywell Gent & EDSB Fire & Security

Understanding the Basics of Fire Legislation

Ensuring that you, your staff understand the basic legal requirements for your business when it comes to Life Safety Systems.

Since joining the Fire Safety Industry 20 years ago, I have worked with local, national and international business in relation to Fire and Life Safety. The complex nature of Fire legislation is something that many business owners, estate managers and companies often seek advice from experts and professionals in this area. Whilst there is a lot of Life Safety compliance in place to ensure you, your staff, members of the public and your premises are safe, it is often some of the basics that businesses and individuals are unaware of. At Honeywell Gent, we provide 100’s of Life Safety compliance CPD’s to business each year and I am happy to provide an overview of those basic fundamentals on behalf of Honeywell Gent, a leader in manufacturing Life Safety products, to anyone who wishes or it is critical to their role in understanding more about the latest legislation that applies to all businesses.

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