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David Lakins: Speaking at the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show

David Lakins

Key Digital Agency Ltd / Holidaymaker App

Using Your Digital Channels to Maximise Guest/Owner Spend

Digital marketing has reshaped the hospitality industry and how they get customers.
Through new advanced technology and tools, customers have now taken control of their own experience. For holiday parks, this impacts how they build and nurture relationships with potential and existing customers.
We look at how holiday parks can gain a new competitive advantage, attract income and retain revenues, and drive more direct bookings, with innovative digital marketing strategies.
Today customer spends a lot of time planning their next short break or holiday away. And they are increasingly turning to their smart devices to assist them through this process.
With new advanced mobile technology, the customer is making booking decisions faster than ever before. But there are also new opportunities to use these devices to connect with your guests when they are on your park.
Lockdown has shown us that holiday parks must adapt to new customer patterns and behaviours. New innovative marketing plans like focusing on the guest experience on-park puts you in a position to connect with your guests, build a new unique relationship with them and attract new revenue opportunities.

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