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RadiWarm® upgrades its efficient electric pipeless radiators

Electric pipeless radiators are an ideal heating solution for lodges and caravan holiday homes. They are widely regarded as energy-efficient, sustainable and trouble-free. They arrive as fully sealed units with wall brackets, plug into any standard electric socket and can be installed in a matter of minutes. For thinner walls, special load-bearing discs can be purchased.

Holiday park owners may already be familiar with RadiWarm’s water-filled Signature Range, built to residential specification BS 3632 as many holiday lodges are. Now the lighter, cheaper, Economy+ silica-sand filled range has been fully upgraded and for the first time can be integrated with the existing Signature Range so the two can be mixed and matched and linked together with one of two external control systems. Furthermore, Economy+ radiators are now available in a full range of sizes, including an upright version and in a choice of two colours: white or anthracite grey. The Economy+ range retails from £248.75 including VAT for a single unit and delivery to the UK mainland. They have in-built smart electronics making them highly energy efficient and LOT 20 compliant.Both ranges are almost maintenance-free and need no flushing, bleeding, topping up or servicing.

Control and integration

The two RadiWarm control systems (purchased separately) are widely praised as intuitive and feature-rich. The 7-day Controller consists of a programmable thermostat and timer, whereby each radiator is connected by radio frequency (RF) link to the same control unit in the holiday home or lodge meaning the radiators can be zoned and programmed with different settings for each day of the week and for each zone, if needed. Additional functions include boosts, overrides and an ability to see the heating status of each zone at a glance. This precise heating controllability noticeably contributes to lower bills.

For maximum economy and control park managers might prefer the alternative wifi control system -RadiWarm’s Smart Controller.

Using a gateway that plugs into an existing wifi router in the holiday home, the heating programmescan be managed from a web-based app on smartphone or tablet.

Practical options

The Economy+ electric radiator range is highly suitable for living and sleeping areas of holiday accommodation. Although the Economy+ cannot currently be used in bathrooms, the Signature Range is IP44 rated for washroom settings – another reason the mix-and-match option is so useful.

Many lodges have large windows and low walls beneath to maximise light and make the most of the views. The Economy+ range includes a 390 mm-height radiator, designed to fit dwarf walls and available in two lengths (972mm and 1134mm). Additionally, there are new upright versions, perfect for any area with little spare wall space and the whole range has a slim shell with this need in mind.

Holiday park managers can use the interactive guide at to help calculate the correct size of the radiator for any room. If anyone is considering electric pipeless radiators for the first time for a park or resort, the Economy+ entry-level range is a good place to start.

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