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The WiFi is down...

The WiFi is down...

How often do you hear this in your business, whether it’s from a guest, an employee, or even something you experience yourself? How do you know if it is down? It could just be part of the network, a single access point, or the main Internet connection. When issues arise, how long does it take for the IT team or your service provider to locate the root cause? All the time this is happening, your WiFi users are having a bad experience. 

WiFi Assure monitors the network from a user’s point of view. Our sensors instantly detect when a fault occurs and alerts the network manager detailing the exact problem. 

Our reporting dashboard provides clear insights into how the entire WiFi network is performing, showing statistics about the quality of the user experience, highlighting any issues. 

Security is a concern for many WiFi networks, particularly Man in the Middle attacks, where a rogue access point is introduced to the network with the intention of stealing data from unsuspecting users. WiFi Assure detects when an unexpected device is present, quickly alerting you that your network is compromised. 

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