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Pirate Play Ship Ribby Hall Village Resort

Ribby Hall Village has added another first class play area to its award winning resort in the form of a large, multi-activity, pirate play ship. Ribby Hall Village is a five star luxury holiday park & village located near Blackpool in Lancashire. Open 365 days of the year to many hundreds of holidaymakers, it continuously strives to offer them well-designed, high quality facilities. Russell Play’s bespoke Robinia timber designs fit in well with this ethos.

A new patio play area for a brand new restaurant

The play area was imagined as forming part of a new Tapaz restaurant and bar to be opened on the resort. The restaurant building extends on through a large conservatory and out onto a spacious outdoor, walled, patio dining area. Beyond that in an adjoining extended walled area is the play area itself. The brief to Russell Play was to offer a design solution that would be befitting of the new development.

An inspired solution

This is an inspired solution as one single large multi activity unit with a theme like a pirate ship is visually very striking perhaps more so than several smaller units spread out in the area. That instantly recognisable shape immediately invites children to play. A large play structure such as this can hold many activities more compactly while also allowing many children to play together at the same time. It also makes a visual statement to customers looking out of the restaurant through the conservatory and over the patio to the masts and sails rising up at the far end of the enclosure.

The play ship features a metre long chunky jungle rope bridge, a 1.1m high deck, a fireman’s pole, under deck hideouts, access ramp with rope, a climbing wall and a stainless steel slide. There are some very nice theme details in the ship to fuel young imaginations including a large anchor, portholes, twin masts with flapping sails and carved seagulls. 

Happy pirate kids, happy dining parents

It has been very well received and finishes the whole development off very nicely. Young holiday makers can act out their imaginations of being at sea playing in the sand and on the ship while parents can sit nearby with a quiet drink keeping a watchful eye.


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