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Create an amazing area with Retractable roof systems by Showpiece Design

Retractable roof systems supplied across the UK by Showpiece Design, visit stand 2302 or contact us for a site survey.

Retractable roof systems are becoming extremely popular in the UK as operators and owners realise the value addition to their business and outdoor space.  As the name suggests the roof can be retracted and extended whenever you require it.  These modular systems are a great addition to your space and offer better protection from more harsh weather than standard awnings.

Outdoor spaces, especially for businesses, usually favour umbrellas, standard parasols or standard wall mounted awnings.  The Retractable roof system is offering a new spin on these already great products.  

What is a Retractable roof system?

These systems provide a customised solution for every outdoor space.  They are highly effective structures that offer all the benefits of an awning with the stability and strength of a conservatory.  Custom built and made to measure with guttering, drainage and multiple colours as standard they are both stylish and practical, designed to add a unique look to your business.  Retractable roof systems are built not only with design in mind but to handle all types of weather.  There are so many additions these systems will suit almost any environment, business sector or personal taste. 

Why consider a Retractable roof system?

Many business operators understand that maximising on outdoor space adds not only to the venues overall capacity, but offers a unique experience for the customer, which, in turn, increases revenue.  Retractable roof systems are used all over the world, you would have seen these in many countries across Europe.  In the UK there is an increase in Alfresco dining and wanting to sit outside, a retractable roof system offers that, even in the UK weather.

What are the costs?

Many believe that Retractable roof systems will be too expensive.  This is true is part but they don’t have to be.  Retractable roof systems are mostly modular, meaning you can add elements as your budget allows.  These systems are an investment but can have an amazing return if used correctly.  Think of it this way, if you have a restaurant and add a system to the side of your building you could easily add 40 or 50 covers, how much would one sitting be worth to your business?  Now multiple that across the month or year.  Many businesses that invest in a Retractable roof system see returns of their investment within months.  You could add a revenue stream by hiring the area for functions that wasn’t there before.  These systems literally pay for themselves and quickly.  Another benefit is the running costs are very minimal.

Key features

• Strong PVC retractable roof available in different colours and styles

• Wind/Rain resistant

• Controlled water drainage via guttering built within the system

• Highly adaptable design – over 200 frame colours available

• Remote operation

• Lights, Heat, sides, screens, doors – so many additions available

• Many fixing options available

• Sizes – can be used to achieve very long widths

Visit us on stand 2302 at the show, where we will have one installed and we will be happy to discuss how it can help your business. 843 486

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