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Design process and Mould Manufacture:

After a lot of research has been done, a mould is created (typically aluminium) and the first kayaks tested out in-house. The mould might be altered numerous times before the team are happy with the final product. Once a mould has been settled on, it is time to get the production line rolling!

The Advantages of Rotational Moulding to Manufacture Kayaks:

At Fatyak Kayaks we use “rotational moulding” to produce our kayaks and boards. But what is rotational or “roto” moulding and how does it compare to other methods of kayak manufacture?

Rotational Moulding:

Rotational Moulding in our case involves a heated hollow kayak mould which is filled with a charge of coloured plastic powder. The softened plastic disperses and sticks to the walls of the mould as it slowly rotates over two axis. In order to maintain even thickness throughout the part, the mould continues to rotate at all times during the heating phase and to avoid sagging or deformation also during the cooling phase.

There are so many aspects to rotational moulding that must be accurately executed for the highest quality product. For example, the polymer powder must be heated enough to be completely melted, to prevent bubbles and deformation occurring, and the cooling phase must be slow enough that the plastic does not become brittle and risk cracking.

Advantages of Rotational Moulding for Kayak Manufacture:

• Rotational moulding results in residual stress levels. This means that the kayaks and boards are extremely unlikely to crack or bend over time.

• Rotomoulding plastic eliminates sharp corners resulting in a smooth, seamless product. For the production of kayaks this is very important as the boat needs to be as smooth as possible, firstly to reduce any risk of injury to the paddler but also to reduce drag in the water.

• Colour is embedded within the plastic itself during this process. This means that colour cannot be chipped or scratched off, ensuring that Fatyak products stay looking great year after year. The polyethelene is UV stabalised which means it will never breakdown or fade.

A number of factors contribute to the superior strength of rotationally moulded products: durable new plastics, consistent wall thicknesses, one-part construction and corrosion-resistance.

Moulded in brass inserts are used during the cooking process to ensure durability of fixings.

D-rings, lids and bungees are fitted to the kayaks once they come out of their moulds. They also go through a rigorous quality control procedure before they can leave the factory.

Fatyak™ Kayaks operate within a quality system accredited to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHAS 18001 standards which are independently verified by external auditors. Each Fatyak™ is inspected and approved during assembly and are all manufactured in accordance to BS7852

All of these factors help Fatyak Kayaks provide quality products at great prices, as well as our 3 year warranty.

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Sit on Top Kayaks and Boards from Fatyak Kayaks – Our Mission

At Fatyak we strive to produce the very best quality rotationally moulded sit on top kayaks, fishing kayaks, SUP’s and boards and pass on the best value for money we can to our customers.


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