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Chatzoome broke the ice for this pair

Peter is a lift engineer, visiting London to oversee a current project and meet prospective clients. He was enjoying lunch in a Shoreditch diner when our marketing team dropped by to speak with the restaurateur about hosting a Chatzoome night. Being alone, Peter starting chatting to a member of the team and downloaded the app out of curiosity. Peter’s married, so we had to reassure him that it’s not a dating app! It’s an ice-breaking app, giving people exactly like him the ability to meet likeminded people while on business trips or holidays.

Angie is a web designer who had downloaded Chatzoome after seeing it on Twitter. She’d had a meeting in Old Street and was killing time in the hotel while waiting to miss the rush hour. Out of interest, she logged in to her Chatzoome app – and up popped Peter!

True to the nature of the concept, both people were in the location and both were alone. In this case, they were both there for business reasons, but – in exactly the same way as tourists can engage with the app – they were able to connect. 

Not everyone needs a lift engineer, but most people know someone who needs a website, and Peter has since introduced Angie to his cousin. So Chatzoome has proven to be an excellent business tool for Angie, providing her with a potential client!

Like Angie and Peter, people travelling for business, as well as tourists, holiday-makers and backpackers, often enjoy meeting interesting people, making good connections and finding new friends wherever they happen to be.  But they may be shy and unsure how to strike up a conversation with strangers. Or they may have the confidence, but don’t know where to find people who would be happy to connect – or who they’ll have anything in common with.

Meeting new people shouldn’t be difficult, and it definitely shouldn’t be sleazy or awkward. Meeting apps tend to verge in the side of dating; by contrast Chatzoome is simply a tool for connecting people in real life, combining the accepted method of searching on-line with the good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting after a brief tech communication.

It worked perfectly for Angie and Peter and they stand as an example of business people connecting where they wouldn’t otherwise have met – and a business opportunity arising as a result. This shows how people travelling for business can link with like-minded colleagues or potential associates to enhance their network of professional contacts.

If you’re visiting this or any other trade fair, Chatzoome will enable you to log in to the venue then check out who might be there that could be beneficial to your business. It can allow you to contact exhibitors to arrange meetings at their stand or, if you are an exhibitor yourself, you can welcome people to the venue and let them know where to find you.

Chatzoome is the app that gets everybody talking – and facilitates easy business connections!  Download yours now for Apple or GooglePlay at

Key features

• Location based, so you can find the people you want to meet quickly and easily

• Gain a quick snapshot of the person you’re chatting to before going to say hello so you recognise each other with ease

• Three instant messages to get acquainted helps you to find the right people to connect with 

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