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Why holiday parks need secure WiFi

It’s sometimes easy for holiday parks to give out access to their home network, but the risks that come from doing this can be immense. See what happened when The Lodge CL gave out the password to their home network… 

“It’s frightening when you get 9 policemen turn up at your door”

As a small certified camping location, we used to give out access to our home WiFi network when guests came to stay. This was fine until we had someone staying on site looking at indecent images of children. Suddenly the police appeared at our door one day and confiscated all our computers to be investigated. It’s frightening when you get 9 policemen turn up at your door. This issue went on for months and was a horrible experience for me and my family but luckily they caught the man responsible.

Here’s what I found

Now, with a system from Camping Connect, we’re happy knowing that the system is safe and nobody can access illegal content because we’ve enabled the family friendly filters. The customer service is great because they are there to handle all the guest’s questions. We had an issue out of office hours once but Rhodri dealt with it straight away.

As we have full time jobs aside from running the park, it’s great knowing we don’t have to do anything with the WiFi, we hardly know it’s there! Our home network is now faster because we aren’t sharing it with guests on the site.

I want to stress the importance for small sites like certified locations not to give out their home network password and to get a separate guest network to avoid any security problems like the one we had to deal with.

At Camping Connect we have multiple features in place to ensure our WiFi systems are safe for everyone to use:

- Content filtering to block any inappropriate material from being accessed- Family friendly filters to protect your younger guests~- Partnerships with leading organisations to make the Internet a safer place- Separate guest networks to keep your personal and business information protected

Get in touch with us today to protect your business with safe and secure WiFi for you and your guests.

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