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Legoland reveals 10 year plan

Legoland Windsor reveals its plans for the next 10 years to the general public prior to applying for planning permission. The extension plans are estimated to cost £95 million - featuring an additional attraction, new accommodation and a new car park.

The theme park plans to go ahead with its goal to finally build a Haunted House ride - which was rejected back in 2014 by the Royal Borough when it was first proposed. Legoland won the case after appealing against the decision - which cost the council more than £250,000 - yet the lengthy legal proceedings caused it to miss its planned slot for 2015.

Back in October Legoland hosted an open exhibition and consultation day where it presented its plans to the public, and based on the feedback received they have drafted their 10 year plan.

The feedback forms revealed that most people were unhappy with the current car parks due to frequent flooding - which has prompted the development of 5,000 hard standing spaces suitable for all weather.

Phase one will see the construction of a holiday village with 150 new lodges of which 20 will be shaped like Lego barrels - a design which has already proved successful at Legoland in Germany. 300 more lodges will be added later on in further stages.

Neighbouring residents expressed their approval for the chosen site, especially since the project will be hidden behind the site’s treeline:

“It is a really nice field and we wanted to keep the trees and give it a woodland theme,” said ms Fernandes.

“We have made a strong case for very special circumstances for building on greenbelt land. Most of the woodland will stay in place – we are using it as a buffer area.”

“We want to stay here. It is a great area and we want to invest in the area as a lot of other visitor attractions.”

Legoland plans to submit the official application on the 8th of May - requesting full permission for the first phase of construction, as well as laying down the outline for the 2nd and 3rd phases.

Source: Windsor Express

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