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An East Sussex caravan holiday park operator has seen a stark increase in caravan bookings since the Brexit vote last June.

With more and more Brits now choosing to vouch for England as a holiday destination, the caravan holiday park operator has seen an increase of 14% in revenue since its previous financial year, turning over an additional £16.3 million.

The company’s annual report identified that the recent surge in bookings was partly due to the outcome of the EU referendum: "Holiday home ownership for UK residents has shown steady increases in recent years and this trend continued during 2016, with sales volumes increasing after the Brexit vote."

"The holiday home market has seen a movement towards lodge units and larger, higher specification caravans. Lodge sales have increased in 2016 with all parks now including lodges in their sales mix."

The company, whose turnover ended up reaching £131.5m on December 2016, was consequently acquired by a private equity buyer following this success.

Park Holidays UK have urged those in the tourism and leisure sector in Britain to beware of the impact that Brexit will have on the UK economy, and to be ready to prepare against any challenges that arise.

They recently acquired Tarka Holiday Park in North Devon, adding it to its growing portfolio of parks, and which they identified as offering "great revenue potential."

Source: Insider Media Ltd

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