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Outdoor Women Adventurers to feature show offerings

Samantha Kent will be representing the Camping for Women publishing group to meet with exhibitors and visitors alike.

While at the event, Samantha will be on the look out to offer free publishing opportunities to feature products, experiences and services exhibited this year. Outdoor-loving women all over the world are interested in brands that specifically cater to their needs and interests and Samantha is there to spread the word among their community.

Camping for Women has built up a number of outdoor-related experiences and products that have been published in the form of reviews. The reviews are undertaken by independent women reviewers who write about their tests and experiences. These are then published on the platform to assist others make informed purchasing decisions.

The focus of the reviews concentrates on factors like female-friendly, quality & durability, value for money, family-orientated, including those that specifically cater to people with a disability. 

Readers and subscribers to the platform have been growing steadily in their numbers each year since 2015. Reviews continue to receive plenty of attention with many interactive comments made by readers in response to each review.

Brands that are featured are able to showcase their review by linking to the published piece via the ‘as featured on’ logo back to their own site and social media. Aside from publishing on the site, Camping for Women also shares its findings with its over 20K followers on Facebook and Twitter. 

Camping for Women operates its platform as a one-stop online resource for women who love the wonderful outdoors. The website and blog are just bursting with free informative articles, tips, trends, recipes, gear reviews, travel experiences, videos, and much more to enhance women outdoor experiences. The material itself has been created by women contributors from all over the world. Subscription for women is available for free in the same way complimentary reviews are provided to ensure no conflict of interest. 

If you are a woman who loves the outdoors or are aware of a product you think Samantha should know about, make sure to meet up with her at the show. Samantha will be attending with her assistant Paul Marlow all through the show but can be contacted via her mobile 0781 543 9887 or you can shoot her a message on her personal email prior to the show. 


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