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The World’s First £1 Million Pound Park Home

Wyldecrest Parks headed by Alfie Best are currently in the development stage of designing the first ever one million pound residential park home. The million pound park home is due to be sited in Alfie Best’s flagship residential park development – the prestigious Saltmarshe Castle Park.

Wyldecrest Parks is UK and Europe’s largest residential park operator, operating more than 91 parks. Wyldecrest Parks was formed in 2001 with the purchase of the first park- Lakeview Park in Romford and now boasts over 91 nationwide parks, all within picturesque and peaceful locations. 

The parks are designed specifically for people aged over 50 years old, who wish to enjoy the golden years of their retirement. 

The journey has begun to build the first £1 million pound residential park home. The design is being kept a secret at this stage, but it promises to be one of the most lavishly built, designed, decorated, and fitted out residential park homes that has ever been built in the world. We await full details of the design.

We are pleased to announce this breaking news under the Park Home and Holiday Park Association. Alfie Best will be speaking live at the Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show about his journey to creating a business which is now valued at one billion dollars.

It is an incredible story of growth, an incredible story of persistence and determination, and is indeed an incredible story of teamwork. Everyone that works under the Wyldecrest brand, and the Alfie Best Group of companies are working towards one common goal; to improve the quality and design of park homes and the quality of residential parks in the United Kingdom.

Alfie Best is a firm believer that residential parks are one of the best solutions to affordable living in the United Kingdom.

We wish Alfie Best and the team at Wyldecrest Parks every success, and we cannot wait to see the design of the World’s first £1 million pound residential park home.


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