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Electric pipeless radiators, usually water or silica-sand filled, are widely seen as energy-efficient, sustainable and trouble-free.  They arrive fully sealed with wall brackets, plug into any standard electric socket and can be installed in a matter of minutes.  For thinner walls, special load-bearing discs can be purchased. All of which makes them particularly suitable as the main heating source for lodges and caravan holiday homes.  

RadiWarm’s water-filled Signature Range, available in a variety of sizes, is ideal for lodges built to residential specification BS 3632.  The cheaper Economy+ silica-sand filled range is perfect for caravan holiday homes – these are lighter and have slimmer shells, ideal for small rooms.  They are also available in a various sizes, including upright ones for tight spaces.  For park managers and owners considering pipeless radiators for the first time, the Economy+ entry-level range is a good place to start.   

Both ranges are almost maintenance-free and need no flushing, bleeding, topping up or servicing. 


RadiWarm’s radiators are smart and energy-efficient, making a real difference to a park’s heating bills.  The patented built-in boiler, pump, thermostat and software are designed to reach and maintain the pre-set temperature.  Then the software will switch to eco-saving mode to maintain it.  For the duration of the set programme, typically it only needs to consume electricity for 1/3 of that time and switches off for the remaining 2/3 of the period. 

Holiday park guests enjoy the same comfortable, radiated heat as traditional “wet” systems.  Being electric, they are obviously more sustainable than gas or oil.  Those are just a few reasons they are becoming popular.  And another is their controllability.


Although the RadiWarm web-based app, the Smart Controller, is effective, for most parks and resorts the alternative and slightly cheaper 7-day Controller is more suitable.  It comprises a 7-day programmable thermostat and timer device whereby each radiator can be connected by radio frequency (RF) link to the control unit so heating can be controlled and zoned and all is operated from a central point in the home.  There is a different setting for each day of the week and up to 3 programmes per day, if needed.

But what if guests want to change the pre-set temperature?  Park operators may allow them to override the current programme using buttons on the thermostat until the new programme takes over.  Or the park manager can lock the heating programmes completely.


The two RadiWarm ranges will soon be running on the same control system so the Economy+ can be mixed and matched with the main Signature range.  


There are also regulatory reasons why electric radiators make sense.  One is, obviously, the ban on new gas boiler installations from 2025 and another is LOT 20 regulations, in force since January 2018.  LOT 20 requires any new space heating appliance to be compliant with set energy efficiency standards.  They need to incorporate intelligent timers, controls and sensors rather than simple on/off settings.  Additionally, many are IP44 rated* making them suitable for bathrooms.  

*RadiWarm’s Signature range can be used in Zone 2, where water spray is not a risk. 


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