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Electrifying Growth - Eco Charger Quads – a flourishing enterprise based on strong green credentials.

Eco Charger Quads, the UK based, pioneering manufacturers of electric Quad Bikes have managed to enjoy positive growth right through the combined challenges of Covid and Brexit.

Over the last 18 months the company has managed to consolidate its comprehensive range of 2WD & 4WD quad bikes through the introduction of new Lithium powered models to offer ‘all electric’ alternatives to traditional ‘Petrol’ driven quads at every level of performance & endurance.

This dedication to promoting the all-encompassing advantages of ‘electric’ power through the creation of superbly designed and manufactured robust workhorses has certainly paid dividends as the company has not only increased its customer base throughout the UK but continues to expand its sales across the globe with a constantly expanding network of dealerships throughout Europe, Australasia, Southern Africa and more recently the USA.

Increasing global demand has led in turn to the extension and expansion of the company’s manufacturing base in Weston Super Mare, to create a manufacturing, vehicle service centre & distribution hub to serve the entire UK and export markets. In addition the company have recently won a business-funding package that will help drive increased output. 

The company already a pioneer in embracing ‘green credentials’ has also fully committed itself to the ‘Race to Zero’ initiative, developing and improving its own environmental protocols & practices including developing ‘end of working life’ re-cylage schemes.

Electric Quad Bikes in context

Originally thought of as useful ‘off-road’ vehicles strictly for farmers, small holders and gamekeepers plus leisure pursuits - in more recent times, Quad Bikes have thrown off this rather limited image to embrace a widening range of applications and tasks across the globe.

Obviously still firmly at home in a rural setting, improved build quality, increased driver safety measures and more recently the move towards ‘all electric’ power allows these ubiquitous vehicles to operate in areas such as;

Country Estate Management, Equestrian Centres, Eco Tourism, Viticulture, Wildlife Parks, Country Pursuits, Hotel Concierge, Public Services, Police Patrolling and pure leisure.

Once the province of major Japanese manufacturers the recognition of the sheer adaptability of these vehicles, the possibilities for ‘electric power’ on the back of growing demand led to the formation in 2010 of an uniquely British company Eco Charger Quads, now widely recognised as world leading designers, developers & manufacturers of electric Quad Bikes. Evolved from the pioneering ideas of founder Fred Chugg, a North Devon farmer, inventor & energy conservationist, the company can rightly claim to have created the world’s first ‘all electric’ quad.


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