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Brits forecast to spend £3.6 billion on touring holidays by 2030

The newly named and re-branded Caravan & Motorhome Club commissioned their first Adventure Report which features some truly amazing spending predictions!

According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research and a forecast of changing trends among holidaymakers by research from OnePoll, touring holidays are set to boom over the next decade with spending increasing by more than a third. Brits are forecast to spend some £3.6 billion on touring holidays by 2030 – a rise of 37% per cent on current levels of £2.6 billion – either in their own vehicles or rentals.Number of touring trips to rise by almost one millionThe number of touring trips is expected to rise by 6% and almost one million from 15.59 in 2017 to 16.56 million by 2030 according to the new data. 2018 is expected to see a particular jump in the number of trips in the great outdoors as a slowing UK economy, elevated inflation and a weak sterling encourage a shift towards UK holidays. This was observed during the 2008/09 economic downturn and the squeeze on incomes that followed it.

Caravan and motorhome use on the increase755,000 touring caravans and motorhomes are currently in use in the UK according to industry figures. This figure could rise by 18% to 889,466 leisure vehicles in use on British roads by 2030 according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

Consumer research of 2000 people identified that 75% of those interested in touring would like to holiday in the UK.

A pioneering sense of adventureMore than half the people surveyed by the Caravan and Motorhome Club said they felt that touring caravan and motorhome holidays have become more popular in recent years.

People said they were drawn to the idea of a caravan or motorhome holiday because of

  • the freedom to do their own thing (45%)
  • the sense of adventure (38%)
  • the flexibility to change plans as they travel (28%)
  • to set an itinerary to suit their timeframes (20%)
  • to stay in really rural locations, to be close to places they love like beach or mountains and as a more affordable holiday option (19%)
  • to get closer to nature and because they just love being outdoors and waking up to fresh air (18%).
  • People also said a holiday by motorhome or caravan appealed because it made it easy to travel with groups of friends or camp in comfort at festivals (8%)
  • to follow sporting passions such as surfing, golfing and skiing (4%)
  • And people expect others who enjoy caravan and motorhome holidays to be people who love the spontaneity of being able to get up and go (39%)
  • to love an adventure (34%)
  • to love nature (31%) to enjoy going back to basics (24%)
  • People who enjoy caravan and motorhome holidays are also expected to be great with a BBQ (12%)
  • and even to know it’s about to rain without needing a weather forecast (5%)

Find the full report and the lastest news from the Caravan & Motorhome Club here.

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