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Pipeless electric radiators – a heating game-changer

Energy-efficient modern pipeless radiators are particularly suitable for lodges, holiday homes and park homes. They arrive fully sealed and ready to be plugged into a standard electric socket. They are mounted on brackets and if required/requested special load-bearing discs can be supplied to support thinner walls. Busy park managers will appreciate this plug-and-play simplicity and their no-maintenance characteristics - no flushing, bleeding, topping up or servicing.

What is not always appreciated is that they can replace a gas-fired central heating system. As installation is so quick - no pumps or pipework needed - the accommodation does not need to be left unavailable for rent. Holiday guests enjoy the comfortable radiated heat, just like traditional “wet” systems. Most pipeless radiators are water-filled but others are silica sand filled or have clay or ceramic cores.

Energy efficiency

This is one of their outstanding benefits, making a real difference to a park’s energy bills. Take the RadiWarm ® Signature Radiator range; available in many sizes, they each have an internal patented miniature boiler, pump and thermostat with software to constantly adjust the radiators to deliver the right ambient temperature. This means energy is economically used, switching to eco-saving mode once the pre-set temperature is reached.


The control technology is sophisticated with different options depending on the controllability park home managers need. First, there’s a system that uses a web-based app; the RadiWarm Smart Controller is a good example, whereby radiators can be independently and remotely controlled on a smartphone or tablet. Using a gateway that plugs into an existing home router set up in the lodge, radiators can be zoned, programmed and operated through the app. Each day of the week can be programmed differently, time and temperature can be scheduled for each zone. The app’s intuitive graphics show the heating status, energy use over time and more. This adds up to super-controllability and efficient energy management. The Smart Controller retails around £200.

Once the park manager has set up the programmes, what if guests want to change the temperature? They can override the current programme using buttons on the thermostat until the new programme takes over. But other park operators might prefer to lock the heating programmes completely, disabling the buttons.

Second, for managers who do not need remote control, a usually cheaper option is a feature-rich programmable thermostat and timer device set up within the lodge. Each radiator can be connected via an RF link to the control unit so heating can still be zoned and programmed but this time it’s from a central point in the home. RadiWarm’s 7-day Controller is an example.


Then there are the cheapest entry-level radiators like the RadiWarm Economy+ range. These are filled with high-grade silica sand and retail from £199 including VAT. Each has its own inbuilt controller so they cannot be zoned or remotely operated but are equally energy efficient with no maintenance. They are ideal if space is an issue due to the slimmer shell. Manufacturers are usually happy to advise on installation and choosing the right radiator size.


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