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COVID Safety

The Safety of your Holiday Park Post COVID

As the industry reopens, it is so important to ensure patrons, staff and visitors are in a safe environment but with an enjoyable experience with reduced fears of the new normal. Clean Screen Gateways have introduced CE certified technology which is already being used in the USA, Europe and Africa, and is now launching in the UK . A disinfectant which is food & people friendly and is proven to kill viruses in the oral cavity, skin, clothing, respiratory tract and even under your feet! This solution is the way forward to ensure consumers are fresh, cleaner and safer. 

The Gateways are completely hands free and fully automated, scanning temperatures, opening doors, hand sanitising and body misting. No contact at all. Then after the user leaves, and the next is being scanned, the Gateway is thoroughly decontaminated with UV light.

  • Step One: upon approaching the booth, an infrared thermometer measures the user’s temperature and the gateway door will open automatically if the user shows normal temperature. If the user exhibits a high temperature, they will be denied entry and redirected

  • Step Two: when entering the booth, total body circular atomization disinfection begins and the carpet also emits mist to disinfect the user’s soles. At the same time, the user takes waterless alcohol-based hand sanitiser from the automatic dispenser. This entire process may be set at the management’s preference from just 10 seconds to two minutes depending upon the degree of disinfecting required. For example, a warehouse would be less time than an operating theatre or laboratory.

  • Step Three: After the disinfection process, the booth door opens automatically, and automatic ultraviolet disinfection will be triggered inside the booth once the gateway is empty, to deep clean the interior for the next user.


The secret to safety is thorough viral cleansing. The misting is an ultra fine mist of Hypochlorous acid which occurs naturally in our bodies as an essential part of our natural immune system. Produced by British scientists, our ‘magic mist’  is safe for people and the environment. It can be misted onto people with no deleterious effects but is very, very effective for killing viruses.


Passing through the gateways is a fresh, enjoyable experience that increases safety and confidence.


Software Options

  • The Clean Screen Safety Gateways have several additional software options for health, safety and security requirements of customers.

  • Infrared temperature scanning is standard in all units.

  • Facial recognition: Up to 20,000 face images can be stored in each booth for facial recognition security purposes. Only authorised staff    may be scanned, disinfected and pass through.

  • Recognise staff and report on arrival, departure or positive temperature scan results.

  • Full cloud based, facial recognition and reporting for enhanced security purposes.

Exceptional Funding Options
Clean Screen Limited are aware that it is essential to be able to provide these safety gateways to as many organisations as possible and capital expenditure for a high number of units may pose some difficulties.
Funding has been arranged so that we are able to rent the units in any number required, to all organisations. There is a price benefit for all tourism related organisations as this is vital to fight covid-19 at the coalface.
Destinations and venues can rent these amazing units at very affordable rates. They are delivered and commissioned into action by the Clean Screen Team. Clean Screen Limited maintain them and provide a 24 hour service to ensure your units are fully functional and effective.

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