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Let’s Get Spooky! Overnight Ghost Hunts at Your Holiday Home


With Halloween hot on our heels, discover some exciting and amusing ways you could boost your profits during the spooky season, through overnight ghost hunts!


Halloween is an exciting time for families, as well as students, and teens alike. That said, aside from parties and dressing up, how can we improve your Halloween offerings to intrigue the scare-hunters out there?


At the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, our ultimate aim is to open your eyes to new trends and customer experiences that’ll boost your visitor numbers and profits. With such a rich history in the UK, and so many “haunted” venues across the country, your holiday park or home could be a gold mine! An overnight ghost hunt could be just the answer...


With your FREE tickets to the exhibition, you’ll be able to meet the people who can take ideas like these to the finish line. Using the history of your venue, the stories surrounding it, and investing in some relevant equipment, marketing, and advertisement, our show will give you the tools to spook your visitors next Halloween...

This pumpkin with smoke coming out represents Halloween and ghost hunting very well

Some Famous Ghost Hunt Venues

If you’re an avid ghost enthusiast, you may have already heard of some of the classic ghost hunting venues which tourists flock to...

Chillingham Castle Overnight Ghost Hunt

The ghost hunt overnight stay at the medieval Chillingham Castle takes the crown as the most haunted castle in England! Reports of ghostly apparitions over the years makes this place the ideal spot for ghost hunting.


The castle was originally a monastery during the 12th century, housing King Edward I during his travels to battle William Wallace, the Scottish rebel. Hundreds of years later, it acted as an army barracks during WWII. Hopeful spirit hunters look forward to hearing the ghostly wails of Lady Mary Berkeley and the “blue boy”.

Queen Mary Overnight Ghost Hunt

The Queen Mary ship is stationed on the shores of LA, and is a retired Britsh ocean liner which sailed mainly between America and the UK during its 30 years of service. It’s said to be one of the most haunted places in the world due to the many deaths on-board.


Stories have circulated regarding the ship, especially room B340, which is said to be the most haunted room aboard. Lights and taps turning on and off on their own, as well as strange noises and knocks on the door have all been reported. A night on board comes to $400 a night, and visitors are provided with tarot cards, a ouija board, and a crystal ball to enhance the ghostly experience.


Since being stationed in California, numerous visitor experiences are now available, providing the chance to explore the ship overnight. With a tour guide leading the way, and ghost-hunting equipment sensing any changes, it proves to be a thrilling experience for all!

Nopeming Sanatorium Overnight Ghost Hunt

The Nopeming Sanatorium is a beautiful building situated in Minnesota, which houses the dark and chilling stories of tuberculosis sufferers in the early 1900s. With many poor souls dying of this painful, mind-debilitating disease, a lot of residents chose to face their deaths by jumping from the roof.


A ghost hunting experience here promises a psychic medium, group seances, and an overnight stay, amongst other bonuses. Visitors can expect to hear unexplained noises and screams, witness apparitions and moving objects, amongst a myriad of other spooky happenings.

This abandoned hospital bed represents the ghostly goings on at the Nopeming Sanatorium

Overnight Ghost Hunts Equipment Required

From the examples above, providing your visitors with ghost hunting equipment is paramount to creating an exciting night for all. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, overnight ghost hunts are a thrill for skeptics and believers alike! Some of the relevant equipment needed for ghost hunting, which is a great way to get your visitors involved, includes:

  • Ouija board: calls spirits to communicate with you.
  • EMF reader: reads electro-magnetic frequencies, which are said to be high when ghosts are near.
  • Laser lights: when pointed down a hallway, for example, the light will break apart if a spirit lies in its path.
  • Motion sensor alarm: can be placed in any room, and will go off when movement is detected.
  • Voice recorder: will record any whispering voices.
  • Cameras: some spirits will show up on camera alone, whether it be fuzzy figures or orbs, so this is a good way to detect potential spirits.
  • Decorations: in order to create a spooky feel, perhaps you could adorn your rooms with children’s toys, old-fashioned furniture, and spooky paintings. Set the scene to create the ultimate experience!

Make Next Year’s Halloween a Spooky Extravaganza...

At the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, our aim is to help you to create an exciting, unique experience for your visitors to help you gain higher profits! If you’ve experienced any hauntings in your holiday home, and are thinking about setting up your very own ghost hunting experience for your visitors, we have just the exhibitors for you:

  • Red Radio, Radioswap and 2CL Communications Ltd: providing two-way communication systems to speak with visitors throughout the holiday home.
  • Blue Monkey Vending Ltd: gives a little bit of light relief to visitors in the form of snacks and treats, keeping their sugar levels up so they can stay awake all night to hunt ghosts!
  • CampManager: online booking is one of the best ways to get people to visit your holiday home. This company gives holiday parks the means to provide online management and booking systems to their visitors.
  • Firepits UK and The Firepit Company: gather your visitors around the firepit as you regale them with spooky tales of the previous residents, ghostly happenings, and more!
  • Key Digital: marketing is at the core of any good business, and a great way to draw in visitors is through digital marketing, which can be provided through this exhibitor.
  • Taylor Made Designs: bespoke uniform to give your tour guides a recognisable look, so visitors can go to them, and ask them questions throughout their stay.

This haunted house would be a prime destination for an overnight ghost hunt

Want to Spook Your Visitors Next Halloween?

Fancy giving your visitors a fright next Halloween? If your holiday home has a spooky story to tell, or you’ve noticed any supernatural goings on, then don’t hesitate!


Get your FREE tickets to the Holiday Park Innovation Show on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham. We look forward to welcoming you through our doors, to help you give your visitors the time of their life, and increase your profits in the process.

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