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Is Dog Waste an Issue on Your Land? It’s a Foul Subject…


Finding dog waste on your private property? Need a sustainable way to dispose of it? Meet Tikspac, who have just the solution for you...


There are an estimated 8 million dogs in the UK who, between them, produce over 64,000 tonnes of faeces each day. Dog fouling is a problem that we see on private property, public open spaces, parks, communities, beach fronts, woodland and areas of natural beauty. The irony of something that does naturally biodegrade being placed in a single use plastic bag is hugely problematic.


Meet Tikspac, the answer to this growing problem, at the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, with your FREE ticket. Otherwise, discover more about their sustainable solutions, here…

The Tikspac dog waste solution is a sustainable method of getting rid of dog waste on your land

How do Tikspac Tackle Dog Waste Sustainably?

To tackle the growing number of dog owners who fall foul of the law, Tikspac are now working with landowners and councils across the UK. A survey of these areas measured a 60% decrease in dog fouling complaints on average, and a 50% decrease in overall littering in the same areas.


Supplying 5 countries, 7,000 stations across landowners, and 26 million 100 percent biodegradable and fully compostable bags a year, Tikspac is leading the fight to remove single use plastic, and protect community space in a positive way.


Tikspac’s solution not only cleans up your land, it gives a positive message to your visitors, and is a huge benefit to the environment. The dispensers hold 100 percent compostable and biodegradable dog waste bags, which are free and accessible 24/7. The idea is aimed at those who have forgotten to bring dog bags with them, as well as those who have a sense of community and are willing to clear up in their area.


RibbyHall Holiday Park said: “While most dog walkers realise the importance of picking up after their pets, there is a small minority who are giving others a bad name. The new stations provide free bags for those pet owners that need encouragement to use them.”

Want Tikpac’s Help?

Tikspac have proved extremely popular in RibbyHall Holiday Park, in Blackpool, in the two short years that they’ve been installed. Get your FREE ticket to the show, and visit Tikspac at stand H612 at the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show at the NEC, Birmingham on 6th & 7th November, to find out more.


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