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Sustainability: Tackling Water Waste With WhiffAway


The sustainability of the average toilet may not be as high as we would hope! Discover what you can do to tackle water waste in all aspects of your holiday park.


Water waste is one of the key factors we must think about when it comes to living with sustainability in mind. Water waste figures are higher than we might think, which is why it’s so important that holiday parks make sustainable changes to keep their customers coming back for more!


At the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, meet the companies, like WhiffAway, who can help you make sustainable steps for the future. Your FREE tickets will allow you to get face-to-face with companies like this, so don’t miss out! For more on how WhiffAway are revolutionising the world of loos, read on...

This tap wasting water is just one of millions of taps which are wasting water every day

The History and Success of WhiffAway

Go waterless! The WhiffAway waterless urinal technology story is all about sustainability, and starts way back in 1992. Company founder, Valerie McLean, was seeking a project which would make a BIG difference. Her preliminary findings demonstrated that institutions and organisations were actively exploring gas and electricity as a means of reducing costs and being more sustainable.


That said, it became increasingly evident that water was overlooked, and this was due to the relatively low combined cost (water in and sewerage out) at the time. This lack of focus was the start of her passion for water conservation, and helping others help the environment. Being ‘environmental’ was not on the top of the agenda at the time, but Valerie’s vision and determination has enabled hundreds of companies to save money, measurably improve their environmental sustainability credentials, and has saved an estimated 750,000,000 cubic meters of water and £1.9 billion for industry.


Since the beginning, that’s the equivalent of 300,000 Olympic size swimming pools of drinking water.

What Are the Key Sustainability Issues That Need to be Addressed in the Public Washroom?

The key sustainability issue that needs to be urgently addressed in public washrooms is excessive water consumption. In developed countries, urinal flushing accounts for up to 18 percent of total water consumption and, every year, each standard flushing urinal wastes an average of 157,000 litres of potable water at an approximate annual cost of £395.00 per urinal.


In 2017, there were an estimated 60 million urinals in the world, and rising. Those numbers are unsustainable, and simply too large to ignore when WhiffAway Group’s waterless urinal technologies provide a solution which not only saves water, but also takes pressure off overstretched infrastructure.


The Water Warrior system offers obvious water savings (its waterless!) as well as embedded energy savings – there is no need to pump the water in to flush urinals. This adds an embedded energy/carbon saving. Moreover, on new builds, there is no need to plumb in cold feeds to urinals, leading to an estimated 30 percent saving on project costs, with environmental savings to match.


Finally, the system – which can be retro-fitted – is non-hazardous, with all cleaning materials being environmentally friendly. Based on proven commercial, environmental and operational savings, waterless urinals do not cost organisations or institutions any money. In fact, when implemented and maintained correctly, they are a net contributor in every way. Back to numbers… WhiffAway’s technologies and products are saving customers – and the planet – in excess of 350 litres per second, and rising.

The WhiffAway urinal is a completely sustainable method of tackling excessive water waste

Is it a Challenge to Make Our Washrooms More Sustainable?

No. The biggest challenge seems to be making the decision to change. WhiffAway’s water and cost saving technologies can be retro-fitted, and are the obvious solution for new installations. Saving water is imperative, and WhiffAway’s technologies not only save water, but also reduce embedded energy consumption and cut an organisation’s carbon footprint. Beyond that, its patented solutions are engineered to cut operational costs and reduce washroom downtime.


WhiffAway Group’s waterless urinal technologies make a major, measurable contribution to environmental sustainability. They help with:

  • Saving money
  • Overcoming urinal odours
  • Preventing frequent blockages and flooding
  • Enhancing the washroom experience
  • Making washrooms more hygienic and pleasant

Can Washrooms Become More Sustainable by Tackling Water Waste?

Yes. WhiffAway Group’s Water Warrior technology takes water flushing from its current levels to zero, so there are environmental savings achieved from day 1. Its solutions do not require harmful chemicals, and less waste needs to be treated further downstream. So, the technology is more environmentally friendly in every way compared to conventional flushing.


To meet WhiffAway, and many others who can help bring your holiday park into the future, get your FREE tickets to the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show. Join us, and 4,000 others, on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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