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Promote Health and Wellness at Your Resort With a Spa


With a universal focus on health and wellness on the rise, making sure your holiday park or resort has a spa is becoming a necessity! Learn more, here...


Between 2015 and 2017, the health and wellness market grew by around £500 billion (see stats here)! This isn’t any surprise when we consider our modern emphasis on mental health awareness in recent years. With this in mind, it’s never been more important to implement health and wellness ideas within your holiday park.


So, what’s a simple, yet effective, way to change up your holiday park offerings with ease? Spas and hot tubs!


At the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, on 6th & 7th November at the Birmingham NEC, you’ll get the opportunity to forge brand new contacts to boost your hospitality offerings. Our exhibition welcomes lots of companies, all with expertise in spas and hot tubs, who will take you through all the potential possibilities.


Get your FREE ticket to the show to discover more ways to increase your visitor numbers, by taking very simple steps! Read on to discover more…

This man sitting in a hot tub is surrounded by a gorgeous mountain scenery

The Benefits of Spas

These days, spas no longer make your holiday park or resort special, they’re a necessity! Customers will expect an on-site hot tub to help them relax on their holiday getaway. The question is, what makes a spa so beneficial?

  • Stress and tension relief: when taking a much-needed break from daily life, customers want the chance to put their feet up, and truly relax. What better way to do this, and relieve tension, than through warm water and bubbles?
  • Help relieve joint and muscle pain: due to the buoyancy and warmth of spas, they really help to increase blood flow, therefore accelerating muscle and joint healing. This makes them ideal for older visitors to relax, whilst potentially getting a little bit of pain relief in the process.
  • Lowers blood pressure: following on from this, your blood pressure will also decline, as your muscles and blood vessels relax, improving blood flow.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels: studies in the New England Journal of Medicine show that bathing in a spa can actually reduce blood sugar levels in those with type 2 diabetes.
  • Promotes better sleep: although many Brits suffer with trouble sleeping, there could be an answer… hot tubs! Having a well-deserved soaking in a spa before bed can help you to fall asleep, and improve your sleep quality.
  • Boosts weight loss: in a surprising clinical study, numerous patients who used a hot tub lost around 3.5 pounds, on average, without having to diet. This comes from the hot water, which causes you to sweat, as well as the hot tub massaging effects, which stimulates “exercise” in your muscles.
  • Makes your skin look radiant: if you suffer from dry skin, a steamy hot tub can really help to rejuvenate your complexion.

Want to Network With Some Spa Companies, Face-to-Face?

Our exhibition welcomes hundreds of exhibitors from across the holiday park and resort industry, each with a new innovation to inspire you with ways to boost your offerings and, therefore, profits! Within the spa industry, alone, we’ll be welcoming an array of fantastic exhibitors, each with something different to bring to the table:

  • Jacuzzi Spa and Bath: we are very excited to welcome Jacuzzi, who are so successful, that the brand has become a slang word for hot tubs!
  • Bishta: Bishta’s main aim is to promote safe spa water, by ensuring that companies are properly trained in understanding and utilising proper hygiene measures.
  • Blue Whale Spa Ltd: Blue Whale Spa Ltd are a multi award-winning hot tub manufacturer, providing the best of the best service available within this sector.
  • Darly Europe and Complete Pool Controls: collaborating with one another, these two companies have worked to ensure spa and pool health and safety is adhered to.
  • Spaeuro: this brilliant exhibitor works to create the product you might not necessarily think about straight away; spa and pool covers.
  • Sunbeach Spas: this company designs and imports hot tubs, swim spas, and the necessary accessories to equip them.
  • Marquis: 40 years in the making of hot tub manufacturing, their products are designed to provide your customers with the ultimate hot tub experience.
  • Award Leisure: although their main focus is not on hot tubs, exclusively, their longstanding experience in landscape design means they’re experts in creating outdoor havens to surround your hot tub.
  • Canadian Spa: this is one of the largest hot tub companies in the world, providing an expanding range of quality products for your holiday park.
  • The Hot Tub Superstore: this company is often the first choice for holiday park owners when it comes to adding spas to their offerings.

This couple sitting in a hot tub are looking out to the beautiful green scenery

Want to Meet These Fantastic Exhibitors, and Many More?

As you can see, there are so many benefits to hot tubs, which will keep your holiday park goers happy and relaxed.


Want to discover more about how you could utilise hot tubs to increase your visitors, and boost revenue at your holiday park? Then don’t hesitate to book your FREE tickets to the show, so you can get networking straight away.


We can’t wait to welcome you!

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