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Preventing Misuse of Holiday Homes on Your Park

Want to find new ways to prevent misuse of holiday homes on your park? Ramtech Electronics could have just the answer for you...


Holiday parks across the UK offer peace, tranquillity, and memorable staycation experiences to millions of visitors each year. Buying a holiday home is a significant, but attractive, investment to many people. However, they can often purchase a caravan or holiday lodge without fully understanding the restrictions on how they can use it.


Discover the ways that you can protect your holiday park goers, and your business, with your FREE tickets to the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show. For now, find out more about this fantastic new technology, that you could get your hands on at the show, here...

This WiSE metre is a great way to monitor energy use within your home

All holiday homeowners in the UK, whether it is a caravan or a lodge, need to have a main registered residence. They should only be using their holiday home within the terms of their park’s agreement and license. This could mean that their holiday home is only actually available for 10 months of the year due to the closed period of the park their home is situated on.


So, how, as a park manager, can you be sure that all holiday homes on your park are being used correctly? Particularly during the peak holiday season when monitoring longer-term, holiday stays can be a unnecessary distraction.

The Solution

Ramtech Electronics innovative new WiSE product range can help. WiSE motion detectors in the holiday homes anonymously register movement, giving you an overview of how many homes are occupied on the park. By logging into the online portal, it’s easy to see which units have detected motion over the last 24hrs, so you can confidently track the activity in the homes on your park.


WiSE can give you the data you need to be sure if a homeowner is at risk of breaching their contract, so that you can manage the situation before it is a problem. This is just one of the innovative ways that WiSE can prevent park misuse. WiSE’s energy metering functionality can help you to spot unusual trends in energy use.


The WiSE Smart Module listens to and counts pulses from electricity, water, and gas, and transmits this via radio to the WiSE base station. The base station uploads the data to our cloud where it can be shared with your own business system, and is also available on our online platform. This means you can accurately track energy use to manage your business costs precisely, but also identify increased energy use from units on-site.

The Ramtech Electronics tablet works very well to secure your holiday home

Want to Meet Ramtech Electronics?

Do you want to hear more from Ramtech Electronics about how they could help you to manage your holiday park more effectively? Then head on over to the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, to meet them and see what they’re all about. Get your FREE tickets, now, to get all the information, and potential new contacts, you need to improve your holiday park.


Alternatively, you can get in contact with the company using the contact details, below:

COMPANY NAME: Ramtech Electronics



PHONE: 0115 957 8282




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