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Monthly News Reel: What You Missed This August in the Holiday Park & Resort World


It’s that time again for the monthly news reel! Read on for a collection of news stories from this August, so you can stay informed on the Holiday Park & Resort trends.


At the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, we are always looking for ways to make sure you stay up-to-date with the industry trends. Each month, we condense the latest industry news into a short article, to make sure you know what’s going on.


This month, we’ve got stories from the glamping sector, Wales, London, and Norfolk, and even the cyber world! Get your FREE ticket to our show to stay on top of your game but, for now, read on for the latest industry news…

Reading a bunch of newspapers stacked up in the corner of a room will enrich your mind

More From Hafan y Môr

We’ll start off where we left off last month, with the new Hafan y Môr holiday site plans. With the launch coming up very soon, two of Britain’s top Welsh Olympians have joined the force for the £13.5 million launch! Cycling gold medallist, Owain Doull, and Becky James, the two-time Olympic silver medallist, are teaming up with Haven Holidays, to mark this special occasion.

New London Resort

After joining London Resort theme park as a partner, Radisson Hotel Group have released plans for a £3.5 billion hotel to be built on their premises. The Paramount themed park, which is set to open in 2024, in Kent, is said to combine the worlds of Hollywood and British TV entertainment. It’s no surprise that Radisson have hopped aboard this nostalgia-fuelled venture.

Get Glamping

Glamping has become a real trend these days, considering its convenience, and luxury offerings. With this, we’re not surprised that more glamping sites are popping up across the UK!


Wales is clearly making moves to make the most of their beautiful landscape, attracting visitors through introducing new attractions. After attempting to seek planning permission, developers have now been told to go-ahead with building the six wooden glamping pods, near Gowanhill. So, next time you’re heading over to sunny Wales, you’ll have a luxurious venue to “cwtch up” in.


It seems the welsh local authorities haven’t stopped there, with plans being put forward to open up a glamping venue in Carmarthenshire. Although these plans haven’t yet been approved, it’s said that we can expect 25 glamping tents, alongside 15 regular tents, with a shower block nearby.

A beautiful picture of the rolling hills in Wales, an often underestimated country

Hospitality Scares

It’s not all fun and games out here, as the holiday park industry certainly sees some major issues. Take a look...

A Desperate Solution

After the recent breakdown of holiday companies, like Lateroom, thousands of family holidays have been cancelled. Due to these sudden changes, holiday resorts have been offering up to 60 percent off for last minute bookings, in order to fill these cancellations!

Chemical Burns

At the beginning of the month, a Norfolk holiday park had to close the doors of its swimming pool due to fears of a chemical leak! After guests complained of breathing difficulties and feeling unwell, it was feared that too much chlorine had leaked into the water.


Precautions were immediately taken, and the emergency services were notified. They evacuated the pool, and informed everyone to seek immediate medical attention.

Bombs Away

Bank Holiday celebrations were cut short for a number of families at Away Resorts, in the Isle of Wight, near the end of the month. After a guest picked up an undetonated grenade, thinking it was a fossil, the Royal Navy bomb disposal crew were called out. They evacuated the area, and ensured everything was safe, before holiday-goers were allowed to enjoy themselves once more.

Cyber Scam

Warnings have come to attention, as reported cyber attacks have emerged within the hospitality sector. A number of hackers offer high discounts of over 60 percent, by hacking into customer loyalty point accounts and discount schemes.


By tricking customers, and stealing their data, they have left customers and businesses seriously out of pocket! This just goes to show the importance of investing in a secure company to host your hospitality company’s data.

This hacking code demonstrates the dangers of security within the hospitality industry

Time to Tune Out From This Monthly News Reel

It’s not always good news, but any news is usually good news, these days! If you want to keep up, each week, with what we have to say, check out our blog for all the latest. In other news, we’ll see you next month for another monthly news reel!

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