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Hemp in Leisure and Hospitality: 4 Ways to Innovate Your Offerings


With recent restrictions against the use of cannabis being lifted, how can you use hemp in leisure and hospitality to boost your profits? Take a look...


Around 10,000 years ago, hemp was used by the ancient Chinese for medicine, clothing, buildings, and more. However, due to legal precautions against its recreational use in the recent century, this fantastic plant has been neglected for its numerous useful properties.


With sustainability coming to the forefront, and laws opening up to the medicinal use of cannabis, things are changing. In fact, hemp in leisure and hospitality is becoming the newest trend.


At the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, we want to put you face-to-face with all the newest industry innovations, to help you boost your profits. Could this be your next worthwhile investment? Get your FREE tickets to the show to learn from the experts but, for now, read on to get inspired...

Cannabis leaves are a surprising material used within the leisure and hospitality sectors

1. Building with Hemp in Leisure and Hospitality

Hemp has a huge number of fantastic properties, which makes it a great option for construction. For example, not only is it carbon-negative and sustainable, it’s also durable, insulated, flame resistant, and more!


In the construction world, 'shiv', the leftover product from hemp textile production, is mixed with lime binder and water, to create building materials. The most common building material created this way is called hempcrete; an insulation material for walls and floors.


Due to its thermal, sound-proofing, anti-fungal, and other such properties, hemp building materials are great for revamping older buildings. However, for brand new builds, hempcrete, alongside hemp blocks, are used, which are bricks made using similar materials. In other cases, hempcrete can simply be sprayed, or poured into a timber frame, to create a bespoke build, which is sustainable, and 100 percent natural.


Due to recent developments, hemp is now becoming more and more prominent within the building world. In fact, the very first fully hempcrete house has recently been built, in Oudega in Friesland, made using the timber frame method. Due to its breathable properties, it provides a super healthy living environment, with self-sufficient abilities.

2. Hemp Furniture

The ancients always used hemp textiles for fashion purposes, and now, we’re travelling back to these simpler times to reduce our carbon footprint. Taking a leaf from these ancient people, a number of designers in fashion and interiors are also branching into the world of hemp. In fact, aspiring entrepreneurs on Etsy are selling custom pillows, cushions, bags, and more, using this brilliant material.


In a more commercial sense, bigger designers, like Philipp Hainke, have been working on hemp products for the masses. For example, Hainke has put together a series of furniture, called Organico, made using a material from hemp fibres, slaked lime, and casein. The latter two materials help fuse together the hemp fibres, due to their combined adhesive properties.


These natural materials produce a fabric that can be dyed for almost any purpose. Whether it be chairs, cushions, partitioners, or the like, these adaptable materials can be used for a huge array of potential products! The possibilities are pretty endless.

A hemp plant could help the leisure and hospitality industry in a number of ways

3. Hemp Clothes

In a similar vein, designers are staying in these ancient times, creating luxury clothes. For example, MoonCloth has partnered with a number of hospitality companies, to provide the ultimate relaxing experience for their customers.


Sarah Harf, co-founder of MoonCloth, explained that they work with companies like Design Hotels and Sensei, creating hotel decor, furniture, bathrobes, and kimonos, using this versatile material.


However, they haven’t stopped there, as they’re also branching out into spa products, like oils and creams. This just demonstrates the versatile properties of hemp, and shows that it’s not so difficult for large companies to go green!

4. Hemp Spa Treatments

Finally, and probably the cannabis use you’re most in-the-know about, is cannabidiol, or CBD. With recent legalisation, this ingredient is cropping up everywhere, in food and drink, as well as beauty and spa products.


Recent studies have actually shown that cannabis, and its multiple variants, can aid with multiple health issues (find out more here). These include seizures, Parkinson’s Disease, acne, and even cancer, as well as providing pain relief for chronic pain issues.


In terms of the holiday park and resort world, there are a few ways in which hemp products can be immersed into the hospitality world…

Balms and Oils

Due to the warming effect on the skin, hemp products are often used in spa and massage treatments to relax and de-stress the client. So, for stiff joints and muscles, this works wonders!


In some areas in America, candied products have been developed in numerous food and drink establishments. Specifically, a blood-orange flavoured candy, containing the recommended dosage of 20 milligrams per sweet, has been released in mini-bar chains across Miami Beach. Plans to open up a full-fledged dispensary very soon have been discussed, so perhaps we’ll be seeing hemp sweets emerging across the world.


It’s not just hemp food that’s being released, but CBD drinks, too. For example, in Portland, Oregon, you can get a CBD shot added to your morning cup of Joe. in other places, you can even receive a relaxing spa treatment, topped off with a cup of CBD tea.

A bottle of hemp oil can be used within the leisure and hospitality industries, in spas, massage parlours, and more

Hemp in Leisure and Hospitality: the Hottest Trend?

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