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Top 5 Reasons to Exhibit at the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show 2019


Looking for new ideas and inspiration for expanding your leisure and hospitality offerings? Take a look at our top 5 reasons to exhibit at our Holiday Park & Resort Innovation show, and perhaps we’ll see you there...

Every year, millions and millions of families and couples vacate their local area for their holiday getaway. Whether it be travelling abroad, or remaining within the UK, the demand is high, which is why the holiday park and resort industry must keep up.

Believe it or not, demand for holidays is growing annually. This means that keeping the options new, exciting, and interesting for holiday-goers is paramount in order to stay afloat.

That’s exactly where your business will come in handy!

The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation runs across two days⁠—⁠the 6th and 7th November—at Birmingham’s NEC venue, and caters for just that. Designed to inspire business operators within the leisure and hospitality industries to branch out, it’ll really ignite the fire within. Strike while the iron’s hot, and get your FREE ticket or exhibitor stand to our show to see if it's for you. Try new avenues of business, today!

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1. Meet Potential Buyers

Setting up an exhibitor stand at our Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show is one of the most effective ways of getting your brand better-known within the field. By exposing yourself to the masses, you’ll certainly be in the deep end, but you’ll be given the chance to swim!

Our 9,000 visitors, all within the business, will be there to learn more about the industry, to invest in new products and services, and to keep up with the latest trends. By exhibiting at the event, you’ll be able to target not only thousands of companies within your target market, but also people who WANT change.

Meet people who are willing to hear what you have to say, so you can make the links that’ll make a difference.

2. Discover New Ideas

You may think, as an expert in the industry, you’ve heard everything there is to know. That said, every field of work has something new going on around every corner.

By exhibiting at our Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, you’ll be equipped with the means to find out what’s new, and trending. Not only can you suss out the newest potential investments, but also what your competition is getting up to behind the scenes.

Stay one step ahead of the game, and discover how you can beat your competition in more ways than one!

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3. Make Use of the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show Show Offerings

Exhibiting is just one part of this extensive industry event. Make the most of everything else we offer, including seminars from expert speakers, live demos of products and services, and a number of networking workshops to get you connected with all the relevant people.

Don’t miss out on what we have to offer at our Holiday Park & Resort Innovation show, as it’ll be like nothing else out there.

4. Get Access to All Relevant Shows Alongside the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show

That’s not all, as our Holiday Park & Resort Innovation show is also accompanied by three other complementary shows, the Family Attraction Expo, the Leisure F&B Expo, and the Farm Business Innovation Show. By making the most of what these additional exhibitions have to offer, you can increase the opportunities available to your business.

These shows have an array of their own exhibitors, and visitors, who you can mingle with throughout the two days. Reaching around 36,000 visitors in total, the venue will be jam-packed, making it the ideal environment for ultimate business expansion and diversification.

5.  Beat Your Competitors to the Podium

Attending our Holiday Park & Resort Innovation show is the optimum way to get ahead of your competitors. By coming face-to-face with all the latest products and services, and all the most relevant businesses, under one roof, you’ll experience an opportunity like no other.

What’s more, coming up close and personal with all your potential investors is always going to work better than phone or email. Social media has taken away the personality within most industries, and our expos bring this back, by enabling you to speak with the key players, in person. In doing so, you’ll be steps ahead of your competitors who aren’t attending!

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Call or Email for all Exhibiting Enquiries

Our Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show on 6th-7th November 2019, at the NEC Birmingham, is free to attend! If you’re a holiday park or resort enthusiast or business owner, click here to claim your free tickets.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in getting even more involved in the show, you can also purchase one of our exhibitor stands. Just contact William Mansfield (details below), and we hope to see you there!

For exhibitor enquiries

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