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British Staycations: A New Trend?


Take hold of the UK's staycation trend by making your holiday park the place to be! Find out why staycations are becoming more popular, and discover how you can benefit from this, today...


These days, the cost of a holiday abroad can be extortionate. Particularly when it comes to larger families, the money required can reach unaffordable amounts!

Parents often make every effort to treat their children to a well-earned break during the summer holidays. However, with prices ever-soaring, this can become impossible for many.

The answer? Staycations⁠—the next big holiday trend. At the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, you can discover how to make the most of these growing statistics. Get your FREE tickets to attract more visitors to your holiday park and, in the meantime, discover more, here...

Durdle Door is a perfect spot for staycations

Staycations: The Stats

Since 2016, stay-at-home holidays have increased year on year. In Bath, alone, a reported increase of sales of 250 percent were recorded, setting the tone for the rest of the UK.

Since then, the situation has really developed, and this year, over half of Britons are said to be staycationing! But why has this increase come about?

Expensive Holidays During School Breaks

Very recently, a concerned and angered mother took to social media to point out the drastic difference between a Haven Holiday getaway before and after the school holidays. The price difference was shocking, almost doubling within one short week!

However, it’s not all bad news, as a UK holiday still remains significantly cheaper than a holiday abroad. Although flights and trains within the UK are often extortionate, by taking a car across the country to your staycation holiday, you could save hundreds and hundreds of pounds!


Although driving across the UK to various holiday spots can be long and tiring, especially with kids, it can be a lot less so than a plane trip. Avoiding the queues, the security checks, the baggage claim wait, and the scares of flying, driving can be a lot easier. Remaining within the comfort of our little island is certainly a selling point for many.

A blue and white aeroplane flying in the sky


For millennials and baby-boomers, a UK holiday used to be the norm during the summer months. Taking a trip to the sunny beaches of Cornwall, for example, was much more common than jetting off to a country abroad.

With such happy memories from these times away, it’s no surprise that many parents wish to share these experiences with their children. What better time to do so than now, when the British weather has become continental?

Climate Change

Despite the obvious dangers of the climate threat, increasing temperatures have meant that the UK summers are better than ever. With the heat reaching as high as 38 to 39 degrees, why make the effort to travel abroad?

Talk of Terrorism Threats

Although temperatures are set to reach 40 degrees in Spain, making it an ideal sunny getaway for Brits, terrorism warnings have been issued. This year, the UK government has claimed that terrorists are likely to attack spanish holiday destinations (see more on the government website). So, for British tourists looking to take a relaxing break, remaining at home could be the safest bet.

Boats floating on water in a Cornwall harbour

How Can You Make The Most of Increasing Stay-at-Home Holidays?

With the huge choice when it comes to gorgeous UK holiday destinations, making your holiday resort stand out has never been more important.

The truth is, many vacation spots within the UK are just as, or perhaps more, beautiful than those abroad. In Cornwall, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the shores of England, the waters are as clear as anything, and the surf is just as pleasing. Similarly, the Pembrokeshire coast, with its sandy beaches, is equally gorgeous, especially in the summer sun.

By flaunting the beauty of the area, through professional images, and social media advertisement, the tourists will flood in! Utilise the rich history the UK brings to the table, be it Roman forts, medieval churches, or industrial remains. Ensuring the public are aware of these gems could be crucial in gaining tourism.

However, it doesn’t stop there, as it’s also important to keep the tourists happy once they’ve arrived. After all, with a fantastic experience will come word-of-mouth praise, which is the key to gaining exposure.

By ensuring the area is filled with cafes and ice cream stores, and the beach areas are clean and useable, these tourists may return for years to come.

Beautiful Cornwall Beach, with the sea, sand, and houses

Staycation Vacation

With stay-at-home holidays becoming the next big thing, utilising what you have to attract UK visitors is a fantastic market. If you want to find out, from the people who have done it themselves, how to attract UK tourists to your holiday park, we have just the solution…

Our Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show on 6th-7th November 2019, at the NEC Birmingham, has everything you’ll need to help you out. Be it our exhibitors, who will provide superb industry insight, or our seminars and speakers, who will provide an expert point-of-view, immerse yourself.

Interested in getting involved? Our FREE tickets will give you full access to our show, and its four adjoining shows, the Leisure F&B, Family Attraction, and Farm Business Innovation Expos. Need inspiration to innovate and expand? We’ll see you there.

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