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Coin or the new contactless operated tables are the perfect match for resort common areas encouraging footfall, generating their own revenue and creating additional income. Over the last year contactless has definitely shown that it is the future direction of pay to play tables with potential customers now carrying less and less cash on their person. Contactless tables provide even more benefits than just increased revenue, without cash inside your table the maintenance costs and potential loss from theft are massively reduced meaning there is far less risk for you. 

For your penthouses and luxury suites pool dining tables provide smart and compact entertainment for evenings and rainy days within this rental and holiday market helping your venue stand out from the competition and gain an edge without losing any additional precious floor space. SAM Leisure’s vast range of pool dining tables come in styles and colours to suit every environment from the modern to the traditional, gloss white to the rustic oak. 

SAM Leisure also leading suppliers of a wide range of arcade and home quality Air Hockey, Table Football and Table Tennis Tables for that all-round games room experience.

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