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Get schooled on the ways your business can support a meat-free lifestyle, to help save our world.


Meat-free lifestyles are something we hear a lot about these days, with vegan diets having tripled between the years 2012 and 2017, alone! With these statistics continuing to rise, it’s important we educate ourselves on the topic, and make changes to keep up. But what makes veganism and vegetarianism so popular?

Well, not only do these diets help the animalsthe obvious benefit—they can also improve your own health, as well as the health of our planet! With education on the subject becoming more and more accessible, the general public are now able to make informed choices which suit their own moral compass, and ideas about forging a sustainable future.

That said, it’s not just the public who can make a stand. Big businesses are also supporting the cause. By changing their ways, and providing extensive meat-free options, they’re joining the public in the steps to healing our world. So, as a holiday park and resort owner, you can help support the cause too...

Avocado, tomatoes, and asparagus

The Benefits of Meat-Free Living

Let’s start with the obvious - by not eating meat, and steering clear from animal products, it’s no secret that animal exploitation will cease. Over recent years, and with the growth of social media, exposés on the meat and dairy businesses have exploded, showing us the true nature of these industries.

We’ve seen videos of calves being ripped from their mothers to provide us with milk, pigs being tortured for ham and pork goods, and overgrown chickens up to their knees in their own waste. The images are disturbing, to say the least. Without the meat industry, these animals’ lives will be improved ten-fold.

To add to this, when it comes to our health, studies have shown that a vegan diet could be the answer to curbing heart problems, and even some types of cancer! Without the saturated fats and salts present in meats, like bacon and sausages, your body will certainly thank you.

Finally, by supporting the meat-free movement, you can help put an end to climate change. With the knowledge that just one steak requires 50 bath tubs of water to produce, you might just stop in your tracks next time you order a steak dinner. Indeed, without this excessive water usage, amongst other industry by-products, like carbon monoxide, we will all benefit hugely.

The statistics speak for themselves, but how can businesses, big and small, do their part?

Brown calf, standing beside her mother

Meat-Free in the Industry

The meat-free initiative is spiralling into the forefront, with some even deeming 2019 “The Year of the Vegan”. This comes as no surprise, considering that large companies, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and TGI Friday’s, are all hopping on the bandwagon, with their meat-free innovations.

Steering from the usual greens and beans, they’ve pioneered their own vegetarian and vegan recipes to set themselves apart from the rest. From halloumi burgers, to vegan-friendly happy meals, and veggie fajitas, the available options are becoming wilder and wackier.

In an exciting turn of events, these vegan recipes are not just landbound, but are also exploring the seven seas! Only a few years ago, options for vegans on-board a cruise ships consisted of salad and beans for dinner, and fruit for dessert. That said, very recently, numerous cruise ships have taken the liberty of putting together extensive vegan menus to tantalise the taste buds of those plant-based individuals on board their ships.

What’s more, even the famous Wimbledon tennis tournaments have joined the crowd, adapting their usual strawberries and cream, providing a vegan alternative! It just goes to show how simple it is, but also how revolutionary these acts can be in spurring the force.

This is where you, in the Holiday Park and Resort industry, can really make your mark. By introducing extensive vegan and vegetarian options for your visitors, you can ensure everyone can enjoy the taste of delicious restaurant food, without limitations.

Juicy, delicious burger

A Meat-Free Future?

Many people will still argue that it’s not down to them to save the world, and they’re right - what can one person, alone, really do? Meat-free diets, especially veganism, can be extreme and difficult to maintain. This is why it’s not just down to the few to sacrifice so much, it’s down to the many to sacrifice a little.

By cutting meat and dairy from your diet, even just one day a week, you can help save the world. By providing these meat-free options in the holiday park and resort world, we can join together to make a difference.

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