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The industry secret that could help thousands in need

For over 40 years the NCC Benevolent Fund (the Fund) has been offering support to people in the caravan and park industry, when they are facing financial hardship. The Fund’s grants can offer employees past and present, the timely financial support they need, to help rebuild their lives after a change in circumstances.   

However, few in the industry are aware of the Fund and what it can do to help – something the Fund wants to change. A vital step to achieve this is to build partnerships with park owners, managers and operators, to share information with staff about the Fund and the support it can offer. 

The one-off grants can support people through difficult times, such as illness or as a result of unexpected caring responsibilities. They are a financial donation that does not need to be repaid, giving people the peace of mind that the Fund can support them without adding to their financial worries.   

The grants can help in a number of ways, from replacing essential white goods such as washing machines when a family cannot afford to replace a broken item, providing school uniforms or helping to provide items related to medical conditions. In the past, The Fund has helped people like Craig* who was behind with his bills after reducing his work hours to care for his family when wife was diagnosed with a terminal illness,  or Peter* who needed a mobility scooter to help with a disability. 

The challenge of promotion and awareness remains a difficult one. However, it is one that Benevolent Fund Manager, Melanie Day, is determined to tackle head on as she evolves the Fund in the future:  

“With a workforce of over 170,000 people in the holiday park industry, we know we could be helping many more people who are facing some of life’s toughest challenges. To do this, we need to raise awareness of the Fund, and we are calling on the help of those that work in the industry to spread the word.   

“We need as many people as possible to let their employees and colleagues know who we are, how we can help, and how to access our free and confidential services. 

 “The NCC Benevolent Fund is the only charitable organisation that directly supports those from within the industry. It’s unique and we’re hoping that more companies will step forward to help us raise awareness of the fund and the support we can offer to employees and their families, past and present.”

The Fund was first established in 1976 by six key caravan industry leaders, with the aim of helping anyone connected to the caravan industry who found themselves for various reasons in challenging circumstances or experiencing financial difficulties. 

For more information, find out how you can get involved or to request materials such as posters for your workplace, email or visit

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals 


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