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With a key aim to reduce the carbon footprint we raise awareness by sharing news focusing on saving the environment. In our February/March copy we released an article covering a ‘New campaign to reduce use of plastics in construction industry’ . The story informs readers that the Considerate Constructors scheme have launched the industry-wide campaign ‘Spotlight on plastics and packaging’ to raise awareness and encourage construction sites, companies, supplier and clients of construction project to reduce their use of plastics and packaging. With an aim to showcase how they can reduce, reuse and recycle plastics and packing as they found that people have very little understanding how to efficiently and correctly. 

We also release articles and news focusing on worldwide developments, with a heavy focus on new constructions and developments in projects focused on tourism, informing readers and sharing exciting new projects that will excite attendees. In our February/March copy we released an article; ‘Studio Egret West to develop masterplan for Horniman Museum’ . - The Horniman Museum and Gardens is located in Forest Hill, London, England. The article discusses the how the developments will engage audiences in global audiences and how they seek to attract a million visitors a year by 2023. 

In our April/May copy we released an article covering ‘Snøhetta to design Shanghai Grand Opera House’. The new Opera House is expected to become one of the major cultural landmarks of the city, with a key aim to bring in a younger audience by holding a variety of different performances and concerts.

Also in In our April/May copy we released an article; ‘New hotel for Faroe Islands responds to growing tourism’ The article explains how Henning Larsen’s new concept to design a new four-star hotel in the heart of Tórshavn as the Faroe Islands emerge as a global tourist destination.

Overall our main aim is to keep our readers at the forefront of the latest news and events taking place in the sector in order to help to improve their knowledge, projects, products and services.

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