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4 Ways to Go Plastic Free This “Plastic-Free July”


Support the cause, and discover the 4 ways your business can go plastic free this Plastic Free July!


With Glastonbury been and gone, the summer period already seems to be disappearing before our very eyes. But, as the months wane onwards, so does our insatiable need to better ourselves, personally, and collectively.

As a Holiday Park and Resort owner, I’m sure you’re feeling the pressure to make your move towards a plastic-free resort. Following on from Glastonbury’s success in selling absolutely no plastic bottles on their grounds this year, reducing plastic use by millions compared to previous years, the pressure is on.

The question is, could Glastonbury’s achievements influence other big businesses to support the global plight to end climate change and plastic pollution? We, at the Holiday Park and Resort Expo, certainly hope so, which is why we want to support you in every way possible.

With plastic-free July already upon us, we thought we’d come up with some ideas on how to keep up with the plastic-free initiative. Our environment is a permanent entity to stand in support of - will you join us?

Plastic cup, containing a pink drink and straw, on a beach

1. Provide Customers Eco-Friendly Cups 

Metal Cups

These days, metal is the new plastic. We have metal straws, metal cups, and stainless steel water bottles coming out of our ears, which all replace the plastic we once viewed as a necessity. Taking inspiration from a recent initiative at London’s Tail & Twist club, who pioneered the EcoDisco by trialling metal cups in a party setting, we think we may have a viable solution for you.

All it requires is metal cups to be dished out, whether it be at the resort gates, or the park restaurant doors and tils. With a small customer deposit to be paid on receiving the cups, which can be exchanged at the end of the day, the initiative should flourish.

Despite this, we can’t ignore the difficulties with implementing something like this, which hasn’t yet been trialled on a large premises. Although it may certainly work in an ideal world, it is a pretty big step to a plastic free world.

Biodegradable Cups

That said, there are some smaller steps which can be taken to kick-start this action plan, such as eco-friendly, biodegradable cups.

Accompanying our Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Expo, our Leisure, Food, and Beverage Expo welcomes companies who sell eco-friendly alternatives to the plastic bottles and cups used at most adventure resorts and theme parks. For example, Allied Drink Systems has a plastic-free, recyclable collection of cups, which would be ideal to dish out at each food and drink stand on your property.

As you can see, there are some very accessible low-cost choices, which can aid the process to saving the world! Just remember: big businesses are the ones with the power to kick start these changes, and the growing wish for a sustainable future is one which visitors should happily support. 

2. Encourage Customers to Bring Reusable Water Bottles

On an average day, most people will carry a reusable water bottle around with them, and their trip to an adventure park should be no different. Not only are reusable bottles BPA free, which limits the harmful chemicals flushing through your body, but they also limit plastic bottle use.

With this in mind, it’s only natural that holiday parks should get on board, and encourage their customers to bring along their reusables. This way, they can reduce the plastic used within the park, and limit the clean-up process of leftover litter at the end of the day.

Reusable blue water bottle on a wooden bench

3. Set Up Accessible Water Fountains Around the Venue

To add fuel to the fire of plastic use in parks and resorts, is the lack of water appliances in most theme parks. An initiative to improve water sources in UK holiday parks has already been put forward by Parkdean Resorts. They’ve ensured that all 67 of their parks provide fresh, clean, accessible water for all the family.

By following this example, you too could improve yours, and the world’s, environmental footprint. With an abundance of water fountains, alongside the encouragement of reusable water bottles at the park gates, initiatives like this should spiral.

4. Sell Reusable Straws on Sight

Reusable straws are all the rage these days; glass, metal, bamboo, you name it! These collapsable goodies fit neatly in your pocket or bag, or even on your keychain, for easy access. With sales booming, and searches for metal straws increasing by over 200% in recent years, this is a popular market which should not be missed out on.

As I’m sure you’re aware, merchandise sales can provide a healthy profit. By keeping up with this trend, you can help save our environment, whilst potentially boosting revenues too.

A collection of water bottles

Helping Our Next Generation Starts Now

The solutions to a sustainable future are simple - reusable goods mean less plastic use, and less plastic use means manufacture and supply will soon dwindle. These are steps we all need to jump on board with to ensure a prosperous future for our next generation.

Nevertheless, the world requires the help of large businesses, like yourselves, to kick-start this domino effect. Glastonbury has done it, so why not be the next in line to join the cause.

 Want to get involved? Perhaps you’re a reusable goods supplier, and wish to exhibit at our Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show on 6th-7th November 2019, at the NEC Birmingham in the UK. If so, then please contact our Event Director, William Mansfield, at, or call +44 (0)7723 058 074, and we’d be happy to welcome you along.

Otherwise, we have free tickets available, here, welcoming any industry experts who want to get a feel for what we offer at our expos. We hope to see you there!

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