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The Keytracker Mechanical Systems have proven to be the perfect solution

The Keytracker Mechanical and Electronic Key Management Systems have proven to be the perfect solution for the Leisure industry, providing a secure and easy to use solution that members of staff can rely on. 

There may be numerous important keys kept on the leisure complex, including keys for bars and restaurants, arcade cabinets, swimming pool and changing room access, vehicles, equipment sheds and finally room keys for the public; all of which require organisation to ensure all operations on site continue to completed fluently. 

Ensuring 100% improved key security and providing numerous benefits including but not limited to: 

Time saved on daily operations

Increased workplace productivity

Management Culpability

No misplaced or lost keys

Defence against opportunist theft

Real time information (software)

Protection for important company assets against damage

The Keytracker Mechanical System is an easy to use, power-free and therefore cost-effective solution that utilises a simple “Peg-In and Peg-Out” solution. Authorised staff members are granted “Access Pegs” that can be personalised and engraved which will allow for an organised approach to key management and assist all staff members in identifying who has a specific key or set of keys at any time. The keys can also be housed inside secure, self-closing cabinets to act as a deterrent against opportunist theft. This would be beneficial - 

Paired with the Keytracker web based “Key Control Software” staff members will be granted a comprehensive method for managing and controlling various sets of keys. Multiple users can access the software through any of the many compatible internet browsers at anytime, anywhere and on any smart device. 

The Keytracker Electronic system provides an easy and effective way to secure all keys with full audit trail. Each staff member can access the cabinet with their unique PIN code, swipe card or fingerprint. All transactions (who entered the cabinet, what time it was, what key was taken and what time the key is returned) are automatically logged and submitted to an advanced key management software application. 

Gleneagles Hotel Security manager, Derek McQueen commented on the revolutionary Keytracker Electronic System saying: 

“Generating reports on all keys to audit usage is easy and a great deal of time is saved for the approximate 500 users, saving anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes each, per day.”

The KT Locker system can provide numerous benefits to both members of staff and holidaymakers alike. Providing a safe and secure location to store personal or workplace assets with the option of including built in charging systems for electronic devices such as Tablets, Mobile Phones and Laptops. Holidaymakers will be able to enjoy their time at the resort with peace of mind that their personal items will be stored securely and will be ready for collection once required.


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