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Vale of Pickering switch their booking system to CampManager

Vale of Pickering, a 15 acre Touring Caravan and Camping Park in North Yorkshire had been using an alternative Park Management system for a number of years but it wasn’t performing the way they needed it to. Having received a demonstration of CampManager, they could quickly see the features that their current system lacked and the additional benefits that CampManager could offer them. Soon after, Vale of Pickering began a review of their processes with their current system. Their conclusion was that they weren’t getting what they needed or wanted from their current system. 

Dianne from Vale of Pickering comments, “We quickly spotted the obvious differences between our current system and what CampManager offered. We spoke to local campsites that were already utilising the CampManager system so we could hear first-hand the benefits they were receiving from making the switch to CampManager. They all had glowing reports which confirmed to us that moving to CampManager was going to be the best decision. We went live without a hitch,” recalls Dianne, “an achievement largely down to the quality of the support we received from the CampManager team.”

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