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Build Your Ultimate Aquapark – Online & In 3D

Aquaglide was born from a group of water sports enthusiasts in the North-West of America. Their location, in Bend Oregon is surrounded by lakes and waterways, and they found that the equipment they were using wasn’t up to the task. They started Aquaglide, which focussed on building premium products that deliver each season and hold up in an array of conditions. Naturally this developed into the aquaparks you see on lakes today.


If you’re still not sure what an Aquaglide Aquapark is – it is an on-water inflatable play structure, where friends and families can go and enjoy having fun on the water in an extremely accessible way, so that everyone can join in.

You might have an idea to build one of your own, or possibly have a piece of land or a body of water standing empty and are looking for new and exciting ways to make that land or water work for you. The best thing to do would be to use our 3D Park Builder ( which is our online building tool where you can create in 2D and view in 3D. Here you can enter the dimensions and depth of your lake and the site automatically selects what features your lake will hold. From these selected items you can pick and choose what goes into your park and move the pieces around like a puzzle, to create your ultimate aquapark. While you are building, a running total is kept on what you have spent so you can see exactly how much it would cost. This new online building tool is perfect for those who might have had their interest piqued by an Aquaglide Aquapark but are not sure about what it is or how much one would cost.


Then there are other things to think about such as installing the park, a reception area, changing rooms, car parking, toilets, wetsuits, and life jackets. We can help with all the previously mentioned and insurance as well, to make sure you get your park up and running smoothly. We are also proud to work alongside the RLSS as Water Safety Partners as water safety is everything to us.

The season usually runs from April – October depending on the weather, and your park can be deflated and stored away for the winter months, ready to be dusted off and re-installed the following spring.

If you’re thinking of installing your own Aquaglide Aquapark, try out the 3D Park Builder to see what you could create, and build your ultimate aquapark.


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