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The types of problems that can occur range from having areas where signal is unavailable, to areas where there is WiFi, but for some reason it keeps dropping out. Or, when too many people use the service, it doesn’t let others connect. In this day and age, where the need to remain connected is vital for some, providing your guests with a fast and reliable WiFi service has never been so important.  

Booking reviews will typically filter into a scoring system used on many different review sites such as Google, Pitch Up, Trip Advisor and for example. These websites do impact where a guest will choose to spend their money.

The millennial generation is the first population of people to grow up in the digital age of Instagram, Facebook, and tiktok, where seemingly everything needs to be documented and shared in order to gain the approval of others. There’s even a popular saying to reflect this sentiment: “Pics or it didn’t happen!”



Let’s take a look at Centre Parcs Bois Aux Daims, located in the Loire vineyards region of France, nestled right in the heart of nature. This village offers its guests a fantastic tropical indoor aqua-dome, an immersive experience into the animal world with onsite farm and free-roaming wild deer, a luxurious spa and modern cottages, all spread over a 260-hectare or around 650 acres, of village resort.

The site is connected to a Wifirst Fibre Leased Line, making sure that extremely fast internet access is readily available throughout the village. Furthermore, we provided each bungalow with a dedicated secure WiFi network connected through a fibre LAN infrastructure. Today, we manage over 800 Wireless Access Points across this single resort.

Centre Parcs wanted to provide a tiered offering for their guests, enabling a basic level of free internet to be available in public areas, while also offering a premium subscription service for guests staying in the cottages. Our administration portal (the Wifirst Center) provides an easy and instant way to administer internet service, and also provide login codes to guests as and when needed.

Working closely with Centre Parcs, we were able to identify their requirements and install a robust, secure and fast WiFi service, built to withstand high network demands across a vast area of land.



WiFi deployment is a bit of an artform. It isn’t merely a case of chucking in a load of wireless access points or repeaters to plug the gaps when needed. There has to be careful consideration of the surroundings. Trees, buildings, pipes, storage containers, there are many variables large and small that can be the difference between having just ok, or great WiFi.

We want to make sure that from the moment your guest enters the resort, wherever they move around or not, remain connected to a fast and reliable service that will result in nothing but great feedback.

Once you have a reliable, fast infrastructure in place, this becomes the foundation for a variety of additional service for the years ahead. IPTV, Chromecast streaming, Digital signage, or even creating a personal secure WiFi bubble for each of your holiday homes, giving your guests a real home from home WiFi experience that will enable all of their devices to safely interact with each other and any other IoT devices such as smart speakers, lighting or heating controls. That’s just on the guest side of things!

An additional benefit comes from cost saving through network convergence. There’s no need to have multiple data lines or physical networks. Both guest and staff networks can run on the same physical hardware while traffic remains secure through the means of a virtual local area network and wireless encryption.

The possibilities are endless, and there’s cost savings and revenue enhancement opportunities plenty, providing you partner with an experienced network provider.

Our goal – is to provide you with reliable fast WiFi that will help your guests capture amazing memories and have a wonderful, yet connected holiday experience, however they chose to spend their time.



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