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With such a shift in buyer behaviour during the lockdowns and pandemic, a new sense of urgency in buying holiday homes and luxury lodges arose.

Staycations were on the rise, as families were in limbo with international holidays and giving people a real kick to appreciate the smaller things in life; appreciating family, friends and memories which can’t be physically bought! To create happy memories, spend more time with loved ones and enjoy holidays in England… demand for holiday homes and luxury lodges are high!

The Digital Cogs, who specialise in working with Tourism & Leisure clients, saw some huge results, especially for one client following a very successful marketing campaign for a luxury lodge holiday park… far beyond the peaks of demand that the lockdowns created!

A total of 98% of all leads generated this year, for the client, came through the advertising campaigns which The Digital Cogs created, managed, and optimised.

In terms of quantity… this generated in excess of £2 million in revenue for the client. Whilst building out the waiting list and interested buyers ready and waiting to buy as the park expands and more stock becomes available.

Alongside the leads, The Digital Cogs were able to increase the conversion rate of the website by 100% vs the previous year! Doubling the number of visitors to leads the site saw.

Olly, director of The Digital Cogs says: 

“We are extremely pleased with the campaigns success for our clients. Seeing a huge return on investment, investing ££ to generate in excess of £2 million in revenue is a no brainer to continue building and achieving even more results. I would recommend any other holiday park, leisure facility or tourism related business to assess their current marketing campaigns and the results they really are getting. It’s the perfect time in the slower months to take your marketing and web to the next level for the busier periods!”

With the slower periods of tourism approaching, The Digital Cogs say now is the time to be optimising your website, organic advertising and investing in paid advertising strategically.



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