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Eco-friendly hot tub heating

Many holiday parks are working to improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings, but a key step is identifying where efficiencies can be made.

For example, many resorts today offer hot tubs and spas as extra luxury experiences for guests, whether its alongside glamping sites, or situated near cabins and caravans. But heating multiple spas and hot tubs uses a lot of energy, leading to extortionate bills.

To overcome this problem and help parks meet their ESG requirements, wet leisure distributor Golden Coast provides a green solution: an innovative heat pump designed to not only lower running costs, but most importantly, cut a park’s carbon footprint.

It works by using inverter technology to consistently maintain water temperature while operating on a lower current.

But improving energy usage doesn’t mean compromising on performance. For each kilowatt of energy consumed, a Golden Coast heat pump offers an output of up to 13 kilowatts of heat – that's 13 times more efficient than a standard electric heater.

Since the pump uses far less energy, electricity bills are significantly reduced, saving parks thousands of pounds every month and ensuring a faster return on investment (ROI). 

For one holiday park operator, a field test revealed a possible ROI of just 18 months based on their usage and environment, prompting an order of 200 units.

“With our heat pumps you are in complete control of your energy consumption,” explains Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast. “Parameters such as temperature and pressure can all be monitored via the lockable 5-inch touchscreen display. In turn you get peace of mind that the heater is using nominal amounts of electricity, meaning you save money and the planet. It's a win-win product.” 

When you turn on a Golden Coast heat pump, soft start technology reduces the current peak for a seamless start up. Plus the heat pump unit comprises an efficient rotary compressor and multi-speed fan motor which guarantee quiet operation with noise levels as low as 25dB, so guests won’t be disturbed by the sound.

As well as saving park’s money, a Golden Coast heat pump makes for a more reliable option due to its robust build. It benefits from titanium heat exchangers which are resistant to corrosion by salt, chlorine and bromine — supporting a long product life and lower maintenance budgets. The pump has even been tried and tested even in cold temperatures as low as -15°C and demonstrated consistent performance. 

Adam Clark adds: “When it comes to choosing products that support cleaner, greener facilities, you need look no further than a Golden Coast heat pump. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.”


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