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Portfolio Home’s Top 3 Considerations for Selecting the Perfect Guest Bed Linen

Whether reviewing a holiday, attraction or general stay, a guests experience often boils down to their long-lasting memories - with both comfort and quality at the forefront of that experience.

That’s why bedding plays such an important role in enhancing a guests stay. With numerous suppliers of bed linen, selecting the right bed linen that enhances a guest’s experience and offers the right choice of designs that reflect the personality of your property can quickly become challenging.

Investing in bed linen that provides a better night’s sleep is essential for good guest reviews and return business alike. With staycation destinations on the rise, those in UK Travel and Leisure markets could see significant benefits from having bedding that echoes their surroundings, enhances the personality of their property and ultimately, offers guests a higher level of comfort.

Whether you’re considering a full refurbishment or simply updating guest bedrooms, investing in new duvet covers, runners, boudoir cushions and throws is a simple, cost-effective improvement to ‘refresh’ a room. With the recent public consciousness focused on hygiene and cleanliness post-pandemic, Hoteliers, Holiday Park Operators and other hospitality professionals within the UK Staycation market can balance practicality and cost to meet the high level of expectation of new & clean soft furnishings from guests.

1. Choose Beautifully Designed Bed Linen

The initial layout of anything new to a property will always a key initial consideration but luckily, guest bed linen and accessories can often be a small nominal cost with high impact in design and functionality. Product selection is about making an informed decisions to enable increased operational efficiencies and bedding which offers optimum comfort, low cost and quality can only enhance your guests stay.

The perfect bedding will not only help but enhance the character of your property – from rustic lodge dwelling to modern cosmopolitan hotel oasis, well-designed bed linen will carry the narrative of your brand through to the guest’s bedroom. Many forward-thinking businesses are using current trends seen in contract environments to further the aesthetic introducing vibrant, bold colourways or themes which are inspired by their environment. It’s a refreshing change to the standard pin-stripe white bedding often found in hospitality.

2. Get The Right Feel

There are numerous choices of bed linen to select – from 100% Cotton, Polyester, Polycotton, Linen to basic and high thread counts – bedding is highly versatile and can meet the demands of many modern stays. Traditionally, simple high thread count white bedding has been enough in the hospitality sector as it’s seen as ‘safer’ and more luxurious, however with advances in design and technology, many within the industry are now offering guests something new and stylish – proving a competitive edge. With new remits of texture coupled with colour there’s raised jacquards, embroidery, embellishment and more to consider. The right materials are functional offering hypoallergenic, moisture absorbent, soft of the skin and durable which are all important considerations to satisfy guests.                                 

3. Easycare Bed Linen

An important consideration for any bed linen is to ensure it withstands the demands of guests stay but also has light fastness, durability and can be washed repeatedly to maintain it’s feel and design. From an operational perspective, using lightweight bed linen that can be washed and dried inhouse without professional cleaning services offers further advantages as it can returned to the room the very same day ensuring a 24hour cycle and allows for less stock holding and helps reduce overall costs.

In conclusion, new bed linen promotes cleanliness, comfort and aesthetic appeasement which guests have as high priority when they prospectively view any guest bedroom. Business Development Manager, Jay Green added “With wonderful properties across the UK and heightened guest demand for a ‘staycation’ break due to the Pandemic, offering the standard run-of-the-mill white bed linen is now not enough to make guest bedroom distinctive and memorable. At Portfolio Home we believe in enhancing the personality of a property with improved style and quality – that overnight experience is so important and shouldn’t be underestimated.” 

Jay concluded: “Ultimately, the right bedding, runners, throws and cushions will add style and comfort which in turn could lead to greater guest experience, an increased propensity to secure return bookings and positive reviews”

Portfolio Home are an award-winning, leading supplier of bed linen, throws, cushions and runners and will be exhibiting at the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show.


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