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5 ways to build your holiday rental business

The UK Staycation industry is booming. With demand so high, if you’re considering diversifying into the holiday rental market – now is an excellent time to do so. Here are 5 ways to help the longevity of your new venture:


1 – Optimise your online platforms 

Make it easy for guests to find you online. Invest in a great website that performs, build your social media audience and list on booking platforms to increase your reach. It can help to turn your new venture from a business that ticks along to one that thrives. 

2 – Stop the search

When people are searching for their next holiday, many end up scrolling through a long list of potential properties. Your headline photo needs to stop that search. It has to drive people to find out more. Professional photographers know how to achieve that. It takes skill, the right equipment and expert editing to create the wow factor. The return on investment you’ll get is significant. Use your stand-out images on your website, booking platforms, email newsletters, social media and more to create consistency, build trust and recognition.

3 – Streamline the booking process and communication

Make it easy for guests to book and pay online. Straight away. There are lots of PMS (property management system) available that will save you time and make life easier. Once integrated onto your website, guests can book 24/7. So you’ll spend less time replying to emails or taking phone calls and guests stop searching for other options.

You can still speak to each guest before they arrive if you want to. In fact, going the extra mile to build a relationship with your guests is the best way to encourage repeat bookings. We all love to feel valued.

Most PMSs have an automated email function too. Streamlining everything even more. Your guest communication will be seamless, providing timely information every step of the way. It shows you are serious and helps build trust even further – even before the guests arrive.

4 – Explore experiences

The experience to be had is just as important as the accommodation you provide. So what do you love to do in the area that you live in? Who are your target audience and what experiences are popular with that group? What are people talking about on social media? From wild swimming to llama trekking – if there’s something available nearby make sure you talk about it. Add links in your website (Google loves that), tag businesses on your social media posts, share reviews where previous guests talk about their favourite restaurant, beach or adventure. Speak to local providers and collaborate – tell them you’re talking about their business and ask them to return the favour. 

5 – Stay in touch

The conversation shouldn’t end when the guest leaves. Keeping in touch is a brilliant way to stay relevant and encourages repeat bookings too. Plus, word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family is one of the best booking sources out there. Ask guest to ‘check-in’ at your holiday property on Facebook. Invite them to share their social media photos and tag you in their posts. Ask guests for reviews – send them an email soon after departure with a link to your online review platform. Send out regular newsletters. Add a button on your website, share a link on social media and in your emails and ask guests and potential guests to subscribe. Simply build relationships and don’t let communications fizzle out.   

What now?

ACT Studios can work with you to reinvigorate your business and help with all of the above points. Get in touch to find out more.






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