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Hospitality Interior Design: 4 ways interior design industry can help holiday parks


You’ve been waiting for this holiday break for the past 6 months and it’s finally here. Together with your family you’ve just reached the gates of the holiday park. Everything from the big beautiful signage welcoming you at the front, to the lodges and the clean reception building tells you that you made the right choice booking the holiday here. And then you see the interiors…

And you’re terrified, The purple walls of the reception room hit your eyes harder than Mike Tyson in his prime, and the bright blue ceiling makes you wonder if the person painting it wasn’t a saboteur sent by a rival holiday park. You look around and the peculiar choice of furniture and decor makes you value your own Ikea coffee table set that much more. 

Somehow you manage to pick up the keys to your lodge without pointing out to the receptionist how creepy that hawaian figurine on her desk is and you’re relieved you won’t have to come back to that building until the last day of your stay. Little did you know, that the holiday park you booked your stay in, completely neglected the interior design everywhere on site.

If you’re involved with the hospitality interior design you can probably already see how you would be able to add value to that holiday park with your services, but we’re just getting started, here’s 4 ways interior design industry can help holiday parks.


Reception area - the art of first impressions

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” - the internet can’t seem to agree on who said that, but everyone knows this statement couldn’t be more true. For holiday parks the first impression is dependent on three factors - exterior appearance, customer service and interior design. Since you’ve made it through to this point you’re probably aware that we’re focusing on the last factor in this article, and naturally the first thing a customer will peak inside is the reception building.

The little story at the beginning of this blog post shows you exactly how the external appearance of a holiday park can be absolutely irrelevant to the first impression if the reception looks like it was decorated by a monkey exposed to caffeine. Just like in a hotel the reception area is the heart of the facility, it’s the place where every visitor has to visit, where all business associated are hosted and the holiday park owners operate. 

Holiday park operators will be more than happy to pay a good buck for making their greeting area an exceptional place for guests, especially that many times the reception leads directly to…


Holiday park foodservice - interior design meets taste buds

There are good and bad places to eat food, as anyone who tried to eat a hot dog while hiding from their nutritionist wife in a public toilet can confirm. Holiday parks have to make sure that whatever foodservice facility they have on site doesn’t fall in the second category. 

If you’re an interior design agency with experience in the restaurant industry, here is where you will probably feel the most at home. As we mentioned in this blog post about furniture in holiday parks, one in three holiday parks operates a restaurant, a takeaway or a bar on site. And that doesn’t take into account the growing trend of expansions and redevelopment projects that has been rising continuously for the last 4 years. 

With the news about holiday parks expansion applications popping up almost every day, there’s a huge opportunity for interior design agencies in the foodservice space. Everything from the way the guests arrive at the restaurant to the colour grade to the lighting has an impact on the overall experience and the taste of the food (yes, you read that right), which naturally means: better design, more sales!



Entertainment venues - fun design and the design of fun

If the UKCCA report is anything to go by, one in three holiday parks have a game room and another one in four has some other type of entertainment space. The same report shows that people tend to spend £10 per day on average on entertainment and attractions while staying at a holiday park.

If holiday park operators want to make those spaces more approachable and as a result more profitable, they need to pay special attention to how those spaces look. If you’re one of those agencies specialising in modern and unique designs here is your time to shine. More and more parks notice the huge money-making potential of entertainment spaces, be it a games room, indoor play area or events hall and they’re ready to invest in the right people to design the spaces.

Starting from the layout, to the choice of equipment and furniture, to the decor - all of that is vital to how profitable the space will be and if you can satisfy the needs of this market there is a massive opportunity waiting to be taken.


Caravans & Lodges - designing extraordinary spaces for regular guests

Whether it’s a static caravan to rent, to sell or a holiday lodge the interior design is crucial to the guest experience. Don’t let the last place on the list deceive you - the interior of the accommodation is just as important (if not more) as the rest of the buildings in this blog post.

Well designed interior can help the operators to market their accommodation online via pictures, encourage positive word of mouth and ultimately helps to sell or rent it. Because of that it is a surprise to absolutely no one that resort and holiday site owners invest heavily in great looking accommodation options and remodeling of the existing ones. 

Doesn’t matter if it means changing the wallpapers, the furnishings, bathroom renovation or a complete refurbishment of the place, the investment is worth every penny for the operators. Building a space in which visitors feel like VIPs guarantees return on investment.



Having discussed the 4 areas in which interior design services and decor products are needed in resorts, perhaps it is more obvious how that industry can enjoy the benefits of targeting this segment of leisure and hospitality market. The slight underappreciation of holiday parks and resorts as customers as compared to hotels makes the companies that decide to target them more likely to get ahead of the competition in the field. 

Now it’s the perfect time to invest in marketing your services to that crowd, new holiday and caravan parks pop up every month and the established players invest heavily in redevelopment projects so don’t wait and get your company in front of them now!


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