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Themed Holiday Homes: 4 Decoration Ideas to Draw in Visitors


Holiday homes come in all shapes and sizes, but have you ever thought about decorating with a theme in mind? Check out these Christmas decoration ideas for inspiration...


With staycations on the rise, luxury holiday cottages are becoming all the rage. That said, making your holiday home stand out from the crowd is paramount to stay afloat in this ever-changing industry.


There are a number of fantastic ideas for improving your hospitality offerings through harnessing consumer trends. Some ideas include dog friendly holiday cottages, holiday cottages with hot tubs, holiday cottages with pools… the list goes on!


One surefire way to get visitors through your doors is by decorating your holiday home with a theme in mind. This theme could match the season, or even your favourite Christmas movie! Take a look at these ideas for some inspiring Christmas decoration ideas for your holiday home...

This holiday home in the snow is very christmassy, and reminds me of The Holiday film

1. Icelandic Hotels: Viking Inspiration

Private holiday rentals, like Airbnbs, are becoming more and more sought after, every year. So, with this in mind, how can you make yours leap out from the crowd, to keep business running all year round?


One fantastic design idea could be to utilise the very popular Scandinavian design to not only shape your interior decoration, but also your holiday home theme. Think wooden cabins, light and airy insides, and minimal furniture. Check out our blog post, here, to get some inspiration on how to design your holiday home using Scandinavian design principles.


You don’t have to stop there though, as you could take this theme even further, through:

  • Cooking food on a wood fire;
  • Providing viking-esque decor, like helmets and horns;
  • Serving seasonal, local food, like Icelandic culture has done for centuries;
  • Providing a hot tub for even the coldest winter days.

With the history of the vikings a real source of curiosity for many, this could provide a truly awe-inspiring adventure for couples and families alike! Harness the power of history, and get inspired, with some warming festive decoration ideas.

2. ‘The Holiday’ Theme: a Holiday to Remember

‘The Holiday’ is one of the most beloved Christmas films from the early noughties. It’s no wonder when we consider the culmination of romance, snow, cosy English cottages, LA mansions, and an all-star cast. If happy tears weren’t enough to make you love ‘The Holiday’, then we don’t know what is.


The quaint Surrey cottage from the film is now accepting guests through their door, showing that even tiny cottages can make their mark. By taking inspiration from films and TV, or even putting your holiday home on the map through inviting film crews through your doors, you’ll be assured to get visitors all year round!

A Harry Potter themed scene is a great idea for decorating a holiday home

3. Harry Potter Themed Holiday Home

Another really Christmassy idea for decorating your holiday home could be taking inspiration from the much-beloved Harry Potter series. North Yorkshire’s ‘The Groundkeeper’s Cottage’ has taken this idea to fruition, by designing their holiday cottage on Hagrid’s hut.


They’ve mimicked the main living room and kitchen area, that we see time and again in the Harry Potter films. Then, for the bedroom and bathroom designs, they’ve taken some direct inspiration from other scenery in the films. For example, they’ve used dark green tiling, like we see in the Ministry of Magic, in the bathroom of their holiday home.


The Harry Potter films provide an endless supply of design ideas. Whether it be the Weasley’s house, the Gryffindor common room, the Great Hall, or the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter is a melting pot of inspiration. Magical films are simply the perfect setting for a family getaway, so let your imagination run wild to draw in countless new visitors.

4. Gingerbread Holiday Home

Our final holiday home decoration idea for the Christmas period is to model your design on a gingerbread house! Think warm orange colours, colourful fairy lights, faux snow, a warm fireplace, and jars of sweets around the whole house. Don the Christmas tree, and surrounding trees, with candy canes for the full effect.


You could even mimic the beloved fairytale, Hansel and Gretel, by strewing bread crumbs on the path towards the house. This way, you would really have cause to decorate the exterior with colourful sweets, allowing children's imaginations to run wild! A perfect idea for families with young children.

Gingerbread men and other biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas gathering

Decoration Ideas for Holiday Homes Are Truly Endless...

These are just a small selection of the huge array of potential theme ideas you could use to spruce up your holiday home. If you’re feeling inspired by these ideas, then the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show is the place for you to make these changes.


Come along to the NEC, Birmingham on 11th & 12th November, to meet the companies who can help you make these ideas into a reality. With your FREE tickets you’ll get access to four shows, which can help you to change your holiday home however you want!


If you think you have a product or service which could help with some decoration ideas for holiday homes, then click here to exhibit. Alternatively, get in touch with our Event Director, William Mansfield:

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