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The Scandinavian Design Trend: Revamp Your Holiday Home


Scandinavian design is a popular trend in the world of interior design. Could your holiday park benefit from some Northern inspiration?


Scandinavian design is one of the most popular architectural choices of the century. Emerging in the 1950s, the style is heavily influenced by the stereotypically cold winter days of the North, and puts an emphasis on staying cosy in this festive chilly weather.


The democratic influences behind Scandinavian design emphasise modernity, as well as budgeted sleekness. With the popularity of this interior look still a hot choice for many, and with Christmas on the way, perhaps it’s time for a change. Could your holiday home benefit from some winter inspiration on these chillier days?

This Scandinavian design set up, with the white wall, plant, and simplistic furniture, is just what this design is all about

Scandinavian Design Principles

Scandinavian designers bring forward a number of traditional Scandinavian interior design characteristics. Overall, simplicity is the main factor in Scandinavian interiors, which is emphasised through a number of elements:

  • All White or Muted Colors: due to the Northern position of Scandinavian countries, days are a lot shorter. To tackle this, Scandinavian design focuses on white and grey colours so as to ensure the room remains bright, even during the darkest of days.
  • Lighting is Key: similarly, natural lighting is emphasised in order to stick to this bright and airy feel. This is done through the minimal use of curtains; blinds are favoured.
  • Modern Furniture and Clean Lines: modern furniture is key, and is characterised by clean lines - no messing about.
  • Decluttered Space and Multi-Functional Furniture: “less is more” is definitely the idea behind this design. This is because Scandinavian homes were traditionally small when the movement emerged, so the importance of space-saving was paramount. Furniture can, therefore, double up as a table and storage space, for example.
  • Simple Accents like Graphic Patterns: Scandinavian designs also contain simple accents, which pop against the white backgrounds and plain colours. This often comes in the form of graphic patterns on rugs and artwork.
  • Getting Back to Nature: plants and greenery is also key. Against the white walls and wooden floors, leaves and flowers brighten up spaces, adding to the natural and airy feel.
  • Wood, Wood, Wood: wood also adds nicely to the natural feel of Scandinavian spaces. This is done through wooden flooring and furniture, and really stands out against the white walls and furnishings.
  • No Carpets, Just Rugs: carpets are banned in Scandinavian designs; rugs only!
  • Cosiness: with the short winter days, and often snowy weather, cosiness is essential. This is done throughout the home, through thick blankets, duvets and cushions, juxtaposing the harsh colours, lines, and materials.

This Scandinavian bedroom design incorporates greenery, wood, and simple lines and colours

Scandinavian Design Bedroom Ideas

The cosy elements of Scandinavian designs lend themselves well to a bedroom. Large, thick blankets and throws can be a key part of bedrooms in this style, which is ideal during the winter weather. This, alongside natural colours, plants, and wood throughout, gets the user back to nature, in a fresh and airy atmosphere, whilst remaining inside.


The classic pale tones of Scandinavian design also create an airy feel, as well as a modern and sleek look, which is clean, but cosy at the same time. It also provides a really serene and peaceful atmosphere, which is ideal for curling up with a good book.


What’s more, white coloured duvets contrast really well with a dark-coloured bed frames, so adding a dark metal or wooden bed frame to the room is a good plan. Couple all this with a graphic rug or an interesting, colourful painting on the wall, and you’ve got a really sophisticated room to kick your feet up in.

Scandinavian Design Living Room Ideas

Functionality is the key word here, and is what Scandinavian design is all about. Clean furniture, in white or grey colouring, works really well with wooden flooring. All this, with a graphic or coloured rug, makes for the perfect cosy setting.


One of the best ways to make full use of the space is to double up your furniture. For example, a coffee table or TV stand with a shelf below is great for storing magazines and books. This way, the room works well for what it’s used for, without feeling cluttered in the process.


When it comes to a sofa, this needs to be thin and small, so it doesn’t take up too much space. With the addition of wooden legs, this makes for a very Scandinavian look. Adding throws to the back of the sofa is also a great way to not only add a pop of design or colour, but make the space feel inviting.


For the finishing touches, some hanging plants or an interesting sculpture would really work. By cutting these clean, modern lines with natural elements and a bit of intrigue, you’ve got the perfect Scandinavian interior.

Scandinavian Design Kitchen Ideas

Similar to the living space, a Scandinavian kitchen puts functionality first, as well as a sleek, clean cut design. Think tapered chair legs, and chairs that tuck neatly under the kitchen table.


Cupboards and shelves should always have a purpose, so as to keep surfaces free from clutter. By giving every utensil a home, the kitchen will be a really peaceful work space, that doesn’t stress any budding chef out.


If you’re looking to add a bit of something extra to fill a space, wooden fruit bowls or big, functional lighting is a great addition. With white walls, plain tiled or wooden flooring, and smooth cupboards and fridges, you’ll nail the Scandinavian style.

A chair and table in the Scandinavian style may look simple, but is well thought-out

Is the Scandinavian Design Trend Here to Stay?

Scandinavian design is a fantastic choice for holiday home decoration. If you’re not looking for a traditional homely feel, then take a leaf out of the books of the North, and choose Scandinavian designs above others.


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