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The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show 2019: What You Missed


The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show 2019 was another huge success! Find out what you missed, and how you can get involved next year.


So, that’s a wrap - another fantastic show of business networking, innovation, and profit-boosting. We can’t wait to welcome many of our exhibitors and visitors back again next year, as well as many new faces who can add to the exciting products and services on offer.


With the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show being such a huge success, we want to share with you some of our favourite elements of the show. To see what you missed out on, and what you can expect from next year’s show, read on...

Keynote Theatre 2 was filled when this particular speaker came to discuss her ideas

1. Informative Keynote Speakers and Seminars

Our keynote speakers and seminars really were a brilliant aspect of the show, providing advice and support for holiday park owners looking to expand their business and boost their profits. Some of our talks received crowds pouring out the door, and we can’t wait to get more speakers on board next year! The 2019 seminars covered topics such as:

  • Utilising sustainability within your holiday park or resort.
  • How to save time and money, and increase profits in the process.
  • Making use of natural play to improve your business, and get people back to nature.
  • Using technology, old and new, to improve guest experiences.
  • Utilising marketing, the right way, to improve your business.

With these fantastic talks, and so many more, we were able to excite holiday park owners with innovative ideas for improving customer experience and boosting profits. The options to expand are endless and, with these talks, we opened the eyes of many holiday park owners to these possibilities.


2. Unmissable Networking Opportunities

Our show raked in over 18,000 visitors, and we were absolutely thrilled with the results. Due to this huge influx, our exhibitors were able to come face-to-face with thousands of potential buyers. In the end, many of our exhibitors ended up with a number of new leads, and are positive that these will lead to a return in the months to come!


This is our main aim for our shows; to provide businesses with new leads, and to help our visitors improve their businesses with new ideas, products, and services. This way, we can help everyone to boost profits along the way.

Putting the Innovation Award in the product that won it was a great idea for a picture

3. Awards Ceremony

The holiday park and resort world requires constant change to keep up with consumer trends. That’s why we ensured to commend the companies who we felt were making waves in the industry. Through our two competitive awards, we’ve pinpointed 2019’s stand-out companies within the industry.


Innovation Award

Perhaps one of the least considered, but most important, elements of the holiday park industry is the restaurant dish washing. Granuldisk, who won this year’s Innovation Award, have provided an answer to this basic, but often forgotten, consideration. Their Granule Technology is a sustainable alternative to traditional pot washing methods, ticking both the innovation box and the environment box.


Adventure and Entertainment Award

This award was a joint accolade between the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show and the Family Attraction Expo, so the competition was fierce. Ultimately, our list of judges decided that Aqualand Industries should be the winners. With their durable, electrically powered vehicles, for use both on water and land, it’s no surprise that their family-friendly transportation stood out from the crowd!


4. Popular Panel Debates

Our adjoining show, the Farm Business Innovation Show, hosted an array of panel debates, where some brilliant land diversification topics were discussed. A number of our expert exhibitors and visitors took to the stage, discussing their ideas with each other, and the audience were then called upon to ask any questions they had. We were given the low-down on a number of relevant diversification topics for new businesses, including:

  • Renewables and Energy Storage
  • Glamping
  • Planning Permission
  • Weddings and Outdoor Events
  • Business Advice
  • Finance

With glamping and outdoor events becoming a really key choice for farm diversification, the holiday park industry can really make use of this boom!

This crowd at the exhibition looks like they're really making the most of everything the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show has to offer

Want to Get Involved in the Holiday Park & Resort Next Year?

Want to exhibit at next year’s show, at the NEC, Birmingham on 11th & 12th November? We’d love to welcome you into our community of exhibitors, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show Event Director, William Mansfield:

Alternatively, if you want to visit, then stay tuned for our FREE tickets, which will be available to apply for very soon!

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