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Water Adventure: Aquaglide’s Floating Water Obstacle Courses


Discover more about Aquaglide’s water obstacle courses, at a number of waterparks, to see if they’re the company for you!


Starting a business can be difficult, but it’s all about finding that niche that suits the local area, as well as the right marketing. If you’re looking for a lake attraction that will draw in visitors year-round, then perhaps water obstacle courses are the niche for you?


Aquaglide provides amazing inflatable water obstacle courses for their clients, helping them to create a fun and exciting attraction for their visitors, all year round! Your FREE ticket to the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show will give you the opportunity to meet companies, like Aquaglide, who can improve your customer experience. Find out how Aquaglide has helped a number of struggling small businesses, with bespoke water courses, here...

This pictureof an Aquaglide inflatable water course, reflected on the clear water below, is a great representation of what they do

North Devon’s Water Obstacle Courses

Wakepark, in North Devon, opened as a wakeboard only facility in 2014. Despite being ran well by a dedicated family, the commercial feasibility for a site like this to only be offering wakeboarding was not the dream that they had been sold.


They took the plunge and went for an Aquaglide Aquapark 2 years ago. Now, the family spend their winters in the warmth on the other side of the world, whilst mum and dad oversee a massive expansion to the site for 2020.


All facilitated by the success of their well marketed and professionally run Aquapark, making the most of the tourism on tap in their area.

Lincoln’s Just Wake Site Expansion

The second Aquapark site from Suzi, Andrew and the team at Just Wake, was set up in Lincoln. Their efficiency and experience in the running of an aquapark is just about second to none, it’s no surprise that they have already made such a success of this second site, that was new for 2019. This is only the tip of the iceberg for these guys.

Spring Lakes: What Can be Done in 2 Months?

This site was a country park 2 months ago, until Katie and Richard got their hands on it. Now after a monumental effort, it is the UK’s newest all-encompassing watersports activity centre, offering everything from a full-sized wakeboard cable, to paddle boarding and, naturally, an Aquapark.


What the Aquapark offers is an easy and fun activity on the water, that is not just limited to the kids or adults. A family of four can enjoy an afternoon in the sun, on the water, that will then lead into the other activities on site that they might not have considered doing before. An activity like an Aquapark is a fantastic draw for all ages and abilities, for more or less any site.

This water obstacle course, by Aquaglide, is a fantastic way to get people of all ages and abilities having fun together

Water Obstacle Courses For Everyone

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