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5 Ways to Boost Sustainability at Your Holiday Park


Sustainability is the hottest, and most important, consumer trend right now. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn how to embrace this change!


As a very current consumer trend, sustainability is one of the most important considerations we, as an industry, must keep in mind. Not only could environmental sustainability reduce costs at your holiday park, it will draw in more visitors to your site, who are now on the hunt for environmentally-friendly getaways, ultimately boosting your profits.


To add to this urgency, many holiday parks and resorts reside on coastal areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty. This is why it’s so important to keep sustainability in mind, so our natural areas, and the landscape of your park or resort, will be protected.


To meet hundreds of sustainable companies who can help you make the change to green business, get your FREE tickets to the Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show. Get inspired by the ways you can boost sustainability on your site, here, so you can arrive at the show fully prepared with your ideas and questions, ready to make those changes!

These blue bins on the beach are an essential part of keeping our coastal areas clean

1. Reducing Water Waste

Holiday parks and resorts can be some of the biggest contributors to water waste. Naturally, with spas, pools, showers, and toilets being many of the main water-usage systems, it’s no surprise that water waste is extremely high.


We have a number of fantastic exhibitors who keep sustainability, including tackling water waste, in mind. You can meet them at our exhibition, to discover the, perhaps surprising, ways you can reduce water waste at your holiday park:

  • Affinity for Business: retailing waste water to UK businesses, helping them save money, and resources, and to be more sustainable.
  • Nijhuis Industries: creating game-changing solutions to make profit from waste water.
  • WhiffAway: providing a solution to urinal flush systems, which wastes billions of gallons, and pound sterling, of water every year.

2. Go Plastic-Free

There are so many ways you can go plastic-free at your holiday park or resort. These include providing reusable water bottles and straws, and reducing packaging or using eco friendly packaging, across the board. To discover, in more detail, the best ways to go plastic-free at your holiday park or resort, check out our plastic-free blog post, here.

3. Recycling and Waste Disposal

Providing waste disposal areas across your holiday park and resort are some of the simplest ways you can reduce littering. A number of our exhibitors produce litter bins for you to do this, and some even go the extra mile by providing environmentally-friendly means of litter reduction too. Take a look:

  • Amberol Ltd: developing self-watering planters for decorating your park, as well as outdoor and indoor litter bins for use across your site.
  • Tikspac UK Ltd: providing land and estate owners with dispensable biodegradable waste bags across their site, for dog-walkers and visitors to use, helping them to reduce littering.

The recycling sign shows a small man, throwing his rubbish into the bin

4. Use “Green” Suppliers For Your Equipment

A really big issue within the world of holiday parks is that a vast array of equipment and decorations throughout aren’t environmentally friendly. Don’t worry though, as sustainable products and sustainable materials are easy to come-by. Simply head on over to the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show to meet the individuals and companies who can take you in the right direction, including:

  • Green Play Project and Greenspan Projects: taking companies from the very beginning to the very end of installing their very own sustainable bespoke playgrounds and event spaces.
  • Hartdean Ltd. EcoKnit Towels: quicker-drying towels and robes, using up to 40 percent less energy than standard towels in the laundry.
  • NBB Recycled Furniture: providing eco-friendly outdoor furniture, for big companies like Chessington.
  • Wood Actually: creating bespoke wooden structures to decorate your park or resort.

5. Energy Saving and Renewable Energy

One of the best ways to boost sustainable living, which is a win-win on every side, is by changing the way you use up energy on your holiday park. Naturally, with hundreds of visitors living under one roof, energy use can sky-rocket. That said, there are lots of alternative solutions, which will save you money, as well as saving the world!


A number of our fantastic exhibitors provide renewable energy solutions, which can be installed in all builds, old and new. Head on over to the exhibition to meet the people who can inspire you to make the change, and take you every step of the way! These exhibitors include:

  • Ground Control Ltd: an environmental external solutions provider who specialises in providing charging points for electric vehicles.
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA): providing pumps which source heat from the ground, perfect for heating water, and homes.
  • Hafod Renewable Energy: providing renewable energy alternatives for homes, businesses, and new-builds.
  • Helec Ltd: they have spent 17 years designing and installing eco-friendly heat and power systems.
  • Infinitas Design Ltd: this company have designed renewable energy systems, across the board.

These two wind turbines on a field of poppies are a spectacle amongst this beautiful red field

Embrace Sustainability, With Us

As you can see, sustainable development isn’t as difficult or costly as you may think. In fact, in most cases, costs will make themselves up over time if you choose to make sustainable choices.


To find out, from the experts, exactly how to take steps towards a sustainable future, get your FREE tickets to the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation. Join us, and 4,000 others who are taking these sustainable steps, at the Birmingham NEC on 6th & 7th November. Let’s save the world, together!

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