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A Litter Bin like No Other


Find out how Sherwood litter bins have revolutionised one of the most popular UK theme parks. Perhaps you’ll be next?


When it comes to owning a holiday park or resort, there are some pretty obvious considerations, like beds and refreshments, to think about. That said, we can’t forget about those nitty gritty details that may be forgotten, but are all important!


Waste bins are one of these small considerations that can make a huge difference. Get your FREE ticket to the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show to meet the people who can help you improve your waste management services. This Thorpe Park case study emphasises how important litter bins can be...

This Glasdon bin at Thorpe Park really does the job

About Thorpe Park

For an island like no other, it has to be Thorpe Park! Situated between Staines-upon-Thames and Chertsey, and first opened as a small attraction by Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1979, Thorpe Park now plays host to around 1.8 million visitors each year!


In 1996 their first roller coaster, “X: No Way Out” was installed and, over the years, Thorpe Park has grown into the huge attraction it is today, containing 27 rides, seven of which are roller coasters. Some of the more well-known attractions include Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, SAW - The Ride, and The Swarm.

The Litter Bin Situation

An average of 7,500 daily visitors is sure to create lots of litter, meaning a waste management strategy is essential. Glasdon UK Ltd. have recently been in contact with Thorpe Park’s Site Presentation Manager regarding new litter bins for use within the theme park. As a result, they have chosen to purchase a number of their Sherwood litter bins to replace their existing wooden bins.

Why Sherwood?

The Sherwood is manufactured by Glasdon UK Ltd. from Everwood material, a polymer with a realistic timber grain. This provides you with the aesthetics of a wooden litter bin, and the strength and longevity of a polymer container. The Sherwood bin features:

  • Vandal and weather resistant design
  • Keyed twist-lock system
  • No dirt traps, allowing for easy cleaning and disinfecting
  • Choice of sack-retention of steel liner
  • Available in light or dark oak colours

The Sherwood litter bins were ordered with external ballasts so they could be weighted down, but not permanently fixed to the ground. Thorpe Park also opted to personalise their order with a plaque mounted onto the front of each bin, which displayed the Thorpe Park and Grundon Waste Management logos.

This rollercoaster next to water is a very similar rollercoaster to Stealth at Thorpe Park

Want to Invest in Some New Litter Bins?

Want to change up your waste management solutions at your park or resort? Get your FREE ticket to Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show, and make the most of getting the contacts you need to improve your hospitality offerings.

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