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Tailor Made Uniform From Taylor Made Designs


Find out how TMD revolutionised Legoland employees’ uniforms, with tailor made uniform, and see how they could help you too!


Taylor Made Designs (TMD) are experts in supplying bespoke uniforms to companies everywhere! One of their biggest clients was Legoland, and TMD truly succeeded in boosting their employees’ appearance, through brand new tailor made uniforms.


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These bespoke Legoland uniforms were tailor-made by TMD, to change up Legoland's uniforms

How TMD Met Legoland’s Tailor Made Uniform Needs

With 8 parks globally, Legoland needed one supplier that could communicate between sites, and deliver a sustainable uniform solution. Consistency between sites was key, as well as considering the working environment and elements to which they would be worn. Starting with Europe, they wanted to pool their purchasing power, but each had different wants and needs.


Secondly, with the primary colours of Lego, their challenge was to ensure all core uniform followed brand guidelines and the colours Legoland is so famous for. All staff needed to be easily identified, whichever site they worked in, whilst considering the spectrum of uniform requirements for each site. Finally, they needed a solution that made it easy for each site to place orders, know what other sites wanted or needed, and to receive their uniform ahead of the start of season.

TMD’s Solution

After an initial consultation between all sites, on-site, TMD revised the materials of the existing core range to suit everyone. They examined the technical specification of all garments and, coupled with usage feedback, designed and manufactured Pantone dyed garments to suit all 3 European parks. They are now able to offer a buying solution that the parks are happy with, look great in and, more importantly, the staff feel comfortable wearing.


TMD act as the main communicator between the parks, visiting each to discuss requirements and future plans, whilst building the relationship further. As always, a designated account manager is assigned to look after all the day to day queries and  questions.

This picture of Legoland made of Lego shows off how busy Legoland can become

The Outcome

All three sites across Europe are wearing the same vibrant, consistent and sustainable uniform, that meets all branding and identifiable requirements. Communication between the sites regarding their core uniform is now linked together by TMD.


Their dedicated account manager ensures that orders are placed in good time for the expected delivery, and will manage the process from manufacturing and import through to delivery on-site.


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